Is Subnautica Crossplay?

Subnautica is an open world survival action adventure video game developed and published through Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The players are free to explore the oceans on the alien planet 4546B following the crash of their spacecraft, the surface of the planet destroys the Aurora. The player has to gather materials and confront creatures to survive.

Subnautica Crossplay

As Subnautica’s first version is a single-player online game, it doesn’t offer a game-wide chat system. The Nitrox mod corrects the issue and allows cross-platform connectivity. 

You can also download a Windows launcher to make launching Subnautica’s multiplayer version Subnautica simpler. However, Subnautica doesn’t feature crossplay.

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Is Subnautica a horror?

Suppose you’re searching for an exciting and frightening adventure game for survival or enjoy yourself and create the foundation of an underwater home. In that case, Subnautica is the perfect game you’re considering.

What’s the deepest point in Subnautica?

The highest depth that a player could attain can be reached at 8,192 meters within Subnautica when they go down the dropoff near the Crater’s Edge. Passing this will immediately cause the player and the vehicle they’re driving into Lifepod 5.

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How do I obtain Subnautica for absolutely no cost?

Go to the Epic Games Launcher. Then click the big tile with the word Subnautica and add Subnautica to your account for no cost.

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