Is In Silence Crossplay?

In Silence is a multiplayer horror game for two players. One player plays the role of a monster that has high-sensitivity hearing and is nearly blind. The remaining players(2-6) take on the role of survivors, who are either trying to escape or chase the monster.

In Silence Crossplay

While In Silence is a single-player game, it does support Multiplayer and co-op. However, in terms of cross-platform play and cross-platform support is involved, In Silence doesn’t support these features at present.

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Is in silence on Xbox one?

Xbox has confirmed that after nearly 4 years in development Silence can now be played on Xbox One and Windows 10. The digital version of Silence is compatible with Xbox Play Anywhere, allowing gamers to play the game on both platforms without buying it once.

Can the rake hear you in in silence?

Another thing to understand concerning the Rake is its excellent hearing. The Rake can detect your walk on a twig miles away. Rake is also extremely quick and can outrun other predators effortlessly.

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Can you play in silence with friends?

In Silence is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, where you are a frightening monster, and your fellow players are the survivors trying to make it out alive.

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