Overwatch 2 – What Are Endorsements? & What Does it Mean?

The post-game screen has been updated to Overwatch. The Play of the Game is still available. However, the old system of player reinforcement and feedback has been significantly modified. The changes made to endorsements are what we’re referring to.

Overwatch 2 offers an option called endorsements that allow players to provide positive reinforcement. Endorsements are a feature that allows you to endorse two of your four teammates after a match. You may also notice endorsements in the period between matches. These endorsements can be confusing. Do they give players any tangible advantage in the Overwatch game?

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What Are Endorsements?

Endorsements allow you to acknowledge a teammate who has displayed good behavior or skillful play during a match. In the original Overwatch system, players could award endorsements to one person in each of the three categories. Overwatch 2 has greatly simplified the system. At the end of matches, you can award two general endorsements. These endorsements are tracked by Blizzard, and you will be rewarded for your Endorsement Level.

Blizzard has placed restrictions in order to prevent cheating. You are prohibited from endorsing the same player twice in 12 hours.

What Do Endorsements Mean in Overwatch 2?

This screen will explain Overwatch2 endorsements in great detail. You can see the number next to each of your teammates. This is their endorsement level. As players get more endorsements from others, it goes up. This rank starts at one and can rise to five.

Your Endorsement level increases, and you’ll get more Battle Pass XP at random intervals. The amount of XP you earn from these drops increases as you gain more levels.

While your Endorsement ranking is not as visible as your Battle Pass levels, players can check their Career Profile. You can find your Endorsement ranking number in the Overview tab. The Social Menu allows you to view the Endorsement levels for friends and players.

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