How To Trick EcoATM

We see, you want to know how to trick EcoATM so that you can make more money out of it, right? A lot of people have been looking for such ways, and fortunately, this is the right place where you are going to get the best tips and tricks that you can try with EcoATM, so, are you ready?

We all know about the ATMs that let you extract money from your accounts using the cards, but, EcoATM is something that lets you extract money in exchange for the used electronic items that you no longer need, and who wouldn’t want that! 

How to trick ecoATM? Answer: You will have to root your device and add the information of the latest version of that device into the build. prop and then you can sell it for a better price to ecoATM. 

Let us explain the whole method of how to cheat EcoATM 2022 in a better way to you so you do not find any difficulty tricking the ecoATM to get you more money than expected. 

What Is EcoATM?

EcoATM is basically an ATM-like machine, the difference is that it gives you money in exchange for old and used electronic devices like phones, tablets, iPads, and laptops. Such machines have been set up in several grocery stores, malls, and Walmart worldwide so you can easily find one around you.  

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How To Trick EcoATM To Get More Money?

Since the regulations of EcoATM are quite strict, the method doesn’t always work out, but, if you have an old phone and want to sell it for the amount of a newer version then here are the steps that you can give a try. 

1. Get the old version of a phone, which is a predecessor to the newer versions that are already on the market. 

2. Now root your phone and then download and install a root file explorer on your device. 

3. Now find the build.prop on your device. 

4. Now you have to find the information about the newer phone that you will replace your older one with.  

5. Just change the information in your build.prop with that of the newer ones. 

6. Now go and sell this device to EcoATM and in most cases, it will be taken as the new phone model. 

Can I Sell Stolen Electronic Device To EcoATM?

Remember that whenever you go to sell a device to EcoATM, it takes up the information and ID of the device and shares it with Law Enforcement authorities, which means, that if the device has been reported to be stolen, it will immediately be informed and EcoATM will not accept the device. 

Even if EcoATM accepts the stolen device, the police will show the FIR of the stolen device to the management of EcoATM within 30 days of the transaction and EcoATM will have to hand over the item to the police.

Remember that EcoATM also takes up the seller’s photo ID, and in most cases, the fingerprint as well, so it is better that you do not take the risk of selling a stolen item because there are great chances that you will be caught for this. 

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Wrap Up

That’s all you needed to know about how to trick EcoATM. So, you can give the method a try to make a little more money from this ATM, and always remember not to even think of selling a stolen electronic device to this machine or you will put yourself in trouble.

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