How Does Bereal Make Money 2022 – Complete Information On That

As you all know that making money from Social Media Apps has become so common nowadays. Everyone, whether an adult, a teenager, or even a child, everyone has made their side income by using social media apps. Have you ever thought of making money from Bereal? For this query, we made this article, “How Does Bereal Make Money 2022”?

Now as you know Bereal is a brand new app that was just launched in 2020 and it hasn’t grown much yet. So, in one line, we convey that Bereal is not making money right now. Bereal, itself makes money from outside investors by raising its capital. So, what’s next? Wait!! One good news is yet to be given in the further article.

Alexis Berreyat has now confirmed that soon money will be made from Bereal too. By reading this, many questions are getting striking in your mind now. To know more about this money-making in Bereal, you have to read the entire article.

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How Does Bereal Make Money? 

Bereal now does not make any money. They are raising capital from outside investors to finance the company. As of April 2022, Bereal has no subscription fees or in-app purchases. They don’t have any in-app promotions either.

Why Bereal Is Not Making Money?

As with other social media platforms that came before Bereal, such as Clubhouse, Facebook, Snapchat, or Yik Yak, Bereal adopted the approach and did not initially commercialize the program for making money. 

When Will Bereal Started Making Money?

The idea behind such a tactic is to gather many users as you can in the shortest amount of time. Once they establish a solid daily pattern for users, they will start to monetize. So, let us wait and see how does BeReal make money.

What Are The Ways To Make Money In Bereal In Future?

These can be the ways to make money in Bereal:

  • The introduction of the image or video-based advertising that is shown in between the photos that your friend sends you is the most likely scenario.
  • The sponsored challenge might be another option. Brands would have the opportunity to highlight issues that relate to their goods and services. After that Bereal would get a set payment from those brands in exchange for operating the challenge on their behalf.
  • Finally, in order to incorporate its products into a broader platform, Bereal may be sold at a later time. Just like, Facebook bought Instagram. For a very long time, the idea behind many social media firms was to eventually sell them to a bigger platform.


In short, if someone asks, “Can Bereal currently make money”? The answer is No. The Bereal is not making money right now. The Bereal developers have stated that in the coming future, Bereal will also start making money just like other social networking sites. For getting future updates on Bereal, stay connected with us. Bereal can be downloaded on iOS and Android with storage between 20-30 MB approximately. Make sure that you have updated iOS and updated Android, otherwise, it will be difficult to install Bereal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Has The Bereal App Raised?

A $30 million series fundraising round headed by Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, and DST was been raised for the app. Sonali De Rycker, an Accel partner, and Andrew Chen4 of a 16z, who serves on the boards of Clubhouse and Substack, will also join Bereal’s board.

Does Bereal Have A Stock?

Potential investors must use the private capital market because Bereal doesn’t presently have any shares. Bereal’s management has not yet discussed IPO plans, yet the company’s shares may one day be offered publicly.

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