How To Turn Off CrossPlay In Apex Legends? Here Is The Best Guide To Help You

With its new update in October 2020, Apex Legends comes with a CrossPlay functionality. CrossPlay is a highly praised and wanted feature since it provides conveniences like quicker matches and more friend connectivity. But when you don’t need this feature, you would want to know how to turn off crossplay in Apex Legends.

 Will CrossPlay ever need to be disabled? Yes, it also raises a few frequently disregarded problems that can affect your gameplay. So, in that case, you need to “Turn Off CrossPlay In Apex Legends”.

In order to turn off crossplay in Apex Legends, we provide you with some basic steps that will help you in it. Those steps are later discussed in this article and everything you need to know about the CrossPlay feature of Apex Legends.

How To Turn Off CrossPlay In Apex Legends? Here Are The Steps

Here is how to disable Apex Legends CrossPlay functionality

  • Launch “Apex Legends”
  • In the bottom left-hand corner of the display, choose “Menu” for the game
  • Select “Settings”
  • Up until you find “Cross-Platform” Play, scroll down
  • To turn it off, set it to “Disabled”
  • You can always change it back to “Enabled” to make it active again.

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Why There Is A Need To Turn Off The CrossPlay In Apex Legends?

Your chances of winning significantly decrease if a good PC player with a powerful machine is in your lobby. The graphics on a super-duper computer will be more fluid and clear, enhancing vision and gaming.

The player will typically also utilize a mouse, which is always a controller killer because, on high aim settings, a mouse is ten times more responsive than a controller. Unless you want to increase your sensitivity settings to the point where a flick of the analog causes you to perform an unintentional 360, it might be preferable to disable crossplay.

How To Enable CrossPlay In Apex Legends?

Apex Legend’s CrossPlay feature will be turned on by default. Thus, console players will be able to compete against those using different console platforms (Xbox to Playstation). Without a PC player on their squad, players from consoles and PCs cannot compete in matches.

What About Cross-Progression In Apex Legends?

Sadly, No. Due to technical and legal concerns, cross-progression is not available for Apex Legends. You won’t be able to connect your characters or stuff you’ve bought between platforms. To put it simply, if you change your platform, you will have to start over.


With CrossPlay now being added to Apex Legends, console users should be able to find matches much more quickly than before. For those that wish to disable it, it’s quite simple how to turn off CrossPlay in Apex Legends. Now you learn how you can easily turn off the Crossplay in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Apex Legends support CrossPlay?

Apex Legends does support multiple platforms. After becoming CrossPlatform, it implies that a squad of two players can form and play the game while using two different devices. Let’s use an example to clarify it: Imagine that you own a PC and your friend owns a PS4. Even though you each have a different type of device, you can still play as a team.

What Platforms support Apex Legends?

Apex Legend’s compatibility on several platforms is its best feature. It works with many different systems. It can be played on PS5, PS4, PC Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

Why am I unable to add my friends to the Apex Cross-Platform?

You might need to alter the privacy settings for your Platform account on your EA Account if you can’t find a friend. If your problem persists, there might also be an age restriction or parental control at play.

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