RDR2 Where to find the Legendary Bison

In Red Dead Redemption 2 , there are two different legendary bison for players to hunt, namely the legendary Tatanka bison and the legendary white bison. In the game, even if the player finds grazing land for common bison, they may not encounter it. The Legendary Tatanka and the Legendary White Bison, because their haunting locations are different from the normal American Bison, let me tell you where to find these two Legendary Bisons in Red Dead Redemption 2, and how to hunt them. If you want to see more legendary bison rdr2 related content, you can click gametopn.com.

1. The location and hunting method of the legendary Tatanka bison in RDR2

Legendary Tatanka can be found at Hennigan’s Stead in New Austin to the south. Like the Legendary White Bison, the Tatanka is a big, hard-to-kill, but not very aggressive creature. Be prepared for a chase though , as the Tatanka has a habit of running away as soon as the player fires the first shot .

Hunting method:

1. To start hunting the legendary Tatanka bison , you need to go to the southeast corner of Hennigan’s Stead, the railway in the southeast corner bends sharply to the north, you need to use the ability of eagle eye to explore the grass south of the railway to find some legendary Tatanka Bison droppings.

2. After finding the dung, follow the path to find some broken branches, and then find the fur, then you should now find the legendary Tatanka bison in the surrounding area.

3. When you see a bison, grab your rifle and use the Dead Eye to do one or two headshots on the bison , kill the bison, and be prepared to chase if the bison tries to escape.

4. After skinning the hunted Tatanka bison , you will get bison horn and bison hide, which can be used to make some new clothing parts, you can also take bison horn to Fence where to make Tatanka A bison horn accessory that reduces melee damage by 10%.

2. The location and hunting method of the legendary white bison in RDR2

The Legendary White Bison differs from Red Dead Redemption 2’s other bison in that it prefers the cold, and players can find the Legendary White Bison near Lake Isabella, northwest of Ambarino . If you haven’t been to the area before, be sure to bring some warm clothes as the harsh cold here can take a toll on you.

Hunting method:

1. To start hunting the legendary white bison you need to find the first clue, first go to the northeast edge of Lake Isabela, then look around with your eagle eye and find some fur on the rocks.

2. Immediately after you need to walk east along the path, you will find some bison dung, and finally some broken branches. After completing these three traces, it is said that the white bison will be wandering in the tree in front of you.

3. The same legendary white bison is hard to take down, but it ‘s not very aggressive, unless you get too close, it won’t be too dangerous, because the legendary pelt won’t be damaged, so at this time you can Randomly use a shotgun to knock down the Legendary White Bison .

4. Once the Legendary White Bison is knocked down , you can harvest the carcass and start crafting the Legendary White Bison hat and coat. Bring the Bison Horn to the Fence to craft the Bison Horn Amulet, which reduces your Stamina Core drain rate by 10%, and requires an Abalone Shell Fragment to craft the Amulet.

above is the location and hunting method of the two legendary bison in Red Dead Redemption 2. I hope it will help you understand where to find and hunt the legendary bison. For more legendary bison rdr2 related articles, please visit gametopn.com . You can find more Red Dead Redemption 2 hunting guides on this site, come and visit!

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