Does Deathloop have Crossplay?

A Quick Intro to Deathloop

Deathloop is a 2021 first shooter video game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game was released on September 14 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation5.

This game shows an island named Black Reef where a loop device has been made. Everything on this island is artificial or made by visionaries. Time has passed here but artificially. If you die here your loop will start again. The character we will control in this game is named Colt, because of his memory loss he doesn’t know how he gets into this loop. Now his job is how he got out of this loop by killing these visionaries.

It is a fast-paced FPS game. Many players want to know whether this game is cross-platform or not. Playing death loop is a lot of fun when you play it with a team. But the only question that arises in everyone’s mind is, “Do we team up with those players who have different platforms”.

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Well!! I can only say that Deathloop is not a cross-platform game. Many players demand to make it cross-platform. To know more about it, you need to go through the complete article.

Is Deathloop Crossplay Compatible?

The answer to the above question is No! Even though Deathloop supports multiplayer fights, it lacks cross-play functionality. Some players will be disappointed since they will be unable to connect with their friends who are playing on a different console.

Platforms that support Deathloop

This game is currently available only on two platforms-

  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation5

Does Deathloop Have Cross-Play Between PS5 and PC? 

As mentioned above, Deathloop doesn’t support the cross-play feature. So, we cannot cross-play between PS5 and PC. It means playing a game with other players on different platforms is currently not available.

Is Deathloop available on Mobile?

No. Deathloop is not available on mobile. Its reason is that the death loop requires a lot of power to run and sadly mobile phones don’t have so much power. It’s a fast-paced game but mobiles can run the slow version of this game.

So, the developers of this game dropped the idea to make this game available on mobiles.

Will Deathloop come to other platforms?

Till now there is no such news that makes it seem that this game will come on other platforms like Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Well!! To be honest, I do not think that this game will come on other platforms in the year 2022.

Why is there no Cross-Play in Deathloop?

This game is only a PvP mode multiplayer match. As a result, you will be fighting other players one on one, without the benefit of a squad or teammate. Yes, the PvP option is intriguing, but it does not necessitate a vast player base; you can play with gamers from the same console.

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So, there’s no need for making this game cross-platform.


As no cross-platform is available in the death loop. Many players are disappointed by this. The good news is that it’s only available on two platforms, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation5, so you are more likely to be on the same platform as your buddies.

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