Is Hypercharge Unboxed Crossplay 2022

If you are also wondering if your data of the game Hypercharge Unboxed will remain saved when you play it on another console or device, then let us get you to know whether is Hypercharge Unboxed Crossplay or not. 

Is Hypercharge Unboxed Crossplay? – To be honest, for PC and Nintendo Switch, Hypercharge Unboxed is currently not crossplay. But, that’s not all, there is a piece of good news for PC players, where you will get to have the crossplay feature in Hypercharge Unboxed. Want to know more about it? You will find out as you read further. 

Hypercharge Unboxed is a popular shooter game played in third-person and first-person perspectives. You will use different weapons at different levels in the game. The best part is that you can play it in co-op mode with up to four players, so this is a good one to be played with your friends. 

Let us now move ahead and know a little in detail about everything you are looking for about the game Hypercharge Unboxed, so here we go. 

Is Hypercharge Unboxed Crossplay?

You know well what a crossplay game is, right? If not, then let us make you aware of this feature. 

Crossplay, or what we call cross-platform games, are the ones which when you play on a particular supported device or console, and then if you wish to continue the game on another one, you won’t have to worry about the data of your previous progress getting erased. 

Yes, you got that right, you are allowed to transfer the data of a game you have already been playing so you do not need to start over the game when you start playing it on another console or device. Isn’t that a very necessary feature for us gamers? Yes, it is! This is why people always look forward to a game being available to be played cross-platform. 

As we are talking about Hypercharge: Unboxed, the game which is currently available only on PC and Nintendo Switch consoles, there is a sad thing to find out that it is not up for crossplay. 

However, for PC players, there is good news, they can have the game as crossplay on their PC where both Windows users, as well as Linux users, can play the game together. This is the only kind of crossplay that is currently available for Hypercharge Unboxed. 

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Is Hypercharge Unboxed On PS4?

Although the game Hypercharge Unboxed has currently been made available for Nintendo Switch and PC only, there are strong chances that the game is about to be released for PS4 as well as PS5, so you can expect this any time soon. 

Is Hypercharge Unboxed On Xbox One?

The announcements have already been made that the great shooter game Hypercharge Unboxed is soon to be released for Xbox One players, however, the exact date has not been announced yet. But don’t worry, you will soon get a hold of that too. 

Is Hypercharge Unboxed PvP?

The PvP mode in the game Hypercharge Unboxed was not introduced earlier, however, after the requests made by the users, this feature was also included. Now, the game lets the players compete in PvP where you get to fight against one another while earning XP, building defenses, and unlocking new levels as well as action figures in Hypercharge Unboxed.

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Is Hypercharge Unboxed Switch Split Screen?

Yes, the game has the split-screen option on Nintendo Switch. You can even have this game on a split screen with up to four players while you get it connected to the dock. Moreover, you can play the game in split screen mode both when playing the game online or just locally. 

Is Hypercharge Unboxed Free?

No, the game is not available for free. If you want the Steam standard or Switch standard edition of the game, you will be charged $19.99 for that. However, if you want the complete edition for either Steam or Switch, then it will cost you about $29.99. 

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Wrap Up

We hope that this article helped you get complete information about which devices the game Hypercharge Unboxed is compatible with, and which devices are supporting Hypercharge Unboxed Crossplay. Share this with your friends to let them know if they can play this game in crossplay or not.

When Did Hypercharge Unboxed Come Out?

The game Hypercharge Unboxed was released on January 31, 2020, and ever since, there have been a lot of modifications implemented to the game as per the community’s requests. 

When Is Hypercharge Unboxed PS5 Release Date?

The announcements have already been made about the game Hypercharge Unboxed being soon released for PS5 players, but, the exact date of the release is not yet confirmed. So, you can expect this to happen anytime soon within this year. 

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