Is Bonelab Crossbuy In 2022?

Players these days prefer to get the games that are crossbuy so that they do not have to make separate purchases of the same software for different platforms. This arises a question in the mind, whether or not is Bonelab Crossbuy? Since the game is quite new, players are unsure of many things. 

A new game Bonelab has recently been launched by Stress Level Zero which is a great option to let the players test their physical skills. The game is available for just $39.99 in the US on all the platforms where it is released on. Being one of the latest games, there are a lot of questions popping up in the minds of the players who are still confused if they should buy this game or not. 

Undoubtedly, Bonelab is Crossbuy. Unlike its predecessor, Boneworks, which was exclusively released for PC, Bonelab can be played on several platforms due to which the crossbuy feature is an important aspect for the players. Purchasing it on Rift automatically gets you to access to its software on Quest and vice versa. 

We know there is a lot more that you wish to be aware of regarding the crossbuy option in Bonelab and related things, thus, we suggest you keep reading this article till the very end to obtain all the answers you are looking for and only then decided if the game is worth your money or not. 

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What Are Crossbuy Games?

Although we guess that you might already be aware of what crossbuy games are since you are half-way through this article, we think it would be great to explain it so that if there are still any doubts in your mind, they get clarified immediately. A lot of players are still confused about what exactly is meant by Crossbuy in video games. Some players often mistake this for cross-platforms, however, both are completely different terms. 

While a cross-platform game allows players from different platforms to come together and play the game online in multiplayer or cooperative mode, a cross-buy game is one in which when you purchase for one store, you get a copy of the same that is supported on other stores. 

Thus, if a game is available in several stores, and you purchase it from one, you receive its free copy in the other store. 

So, if you get the license to a particular gaming software you will not have to pay any additional charges for using the versions of that software on other devices on which it is cross-buy. 

Is Bonelab Crossbuy?

After finding that Bonelab is not multiplayer for now, the players are already disappointed, still, this will be covered if it gets them the crossbuy feature. 

Boneworks was exclusively offered on the PC, however, Bonelab is accessible across a variety of platforms. When a player purchases the crossbuy option from the Oculus store, they have access to both the standalone and PC-supported versions of the game. 

Please be aware that if the game is purchased through Steam, it will only be available on that system.

Players may crossbuy with Bonelab thanks to this. We also get this evidence from the tweet of Brandon Laatsch, the creator of Stress Level Zero, who said “Yes” to a tweet from a fan asking if the game supports cross-purchase.

Players may use the Rift and Quest PC-compatible headsets to enjoy the game after making a purchase. Players won’t have to purchase the same game twice and may play it on both platforms all because of the crossbuy feature, which allows for a varied and distinctive gaming experience on each operating system.

Wrap Up

We hope that you have got all your answers about the crossbuy option in Bonelab and are now sure if you should get this game for yourself. If there is any other doubt or query in your mind about this latest game Bonelab, then feel free to share it with us because we are willing to let you know all that you need about Bonelabs.

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