Is Need For Speed Rivals Split Screen?

Need for Speed Rivals is a racing video game that was developed as a collaboration among Ghost Games and Criterion Games and released through Electronic Arts. Need for Speed Rivals is an action game that features gameplay that is similar to previous Need for Speed titles, like Criterion’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Rivals includes a new social system called the AllDrive that lets players switch from playing by themselves to playing with others, described as “destroying the lines between multiplayer and single player”. This allows players to participate in multiplayer games and compete against one another.

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Need For Speed Rivals Split Screen

Split screen gaming allows up to four players to play simultaneously on the screen simultaneously. This feature of split screens is only available on consoles. Unfortunately the Need for Speed Rivals doesn’t have a Split Screen feature. Additionally, you aren’t able to play co-op locally in any way. There’s no VITA Second screen mode. Rivals are excellent however don’t purchase Rivals to get that feature, since that feature doesn’t exist.

Does Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered come with split-screen?

There’s no local multiplayer available, which is a huge missed chance in any race game. Split-screen multiplayer that has one person playing as the racer and another as the police officer seems like it could be a lot of enjoyment.

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Does NFS Rivals come with an option for story mode?

In contrast to the previous installment in the series Most Wanted, Rivals does have the plot. The story follows a policeman named Fate and the racer Zephyr. The storyline develops during the course of the game. The story is mainly portrayed through cut scenes, so you may not be able to see it clearly.

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