How To Unlock Competitive In Overwatch 2?

Unlike the original game Overwatch where you could go through seven ranks, there is a Competitive play in Overwatch 2, however, this needs to be unlocked first. If you don’t know yet how to unlock Competitive in Overwatch 2, we are here to provide you with all the related information. 

First Person Shooter games are getting quite popular these days, and here is another new game added to this genre, Overwatch 2, a revamped gameplay of Overwatch where the players can play in co-op mode. Players get to split into two teams in this hero shooter where you can choose any of the 35 characters available. 

To unlock Competitive in Overwatch 2, you will first need to play at least 50 Quick Play matches. With this, the players also get to prepare themselves for the Competitive mode. There are many other things that you need to know about Competitive, and all of that is provided below. 

Let us know in detail about the unlocking process of Competitive in Overwatch 2 so that you can enjoy it with your friends. 

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How To Unlock Competitive In Overwatch 2? 

You must be willing to know a lot about the competitive play of Overwatch 2. Well, each of the numerous Skill Tiers that make up Competitive Play has five Divisions. 

The Skill Tiers are in the following order: Master, Grandmaster, Top 500, Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 

Divisions range in rank from five to one, with lower numbers denoting greater skill rankings. Each hero role has a particular skill tier, which will partially reset at the start of each season.

Every victory or draw in competitive play results in the awarding of competitive points (CP), which are divided according to each role’s skill tier. Each victory awards the player 15 CP, while each tie awards 5 CP.

 At the conclusion of each season, more CP is given and may be obtained by completing Competitive Challen

You must unlock the mode before beginning the Competitive experience. You won’t need to worry about doing this if you’re an old Overwatch player who first unlocked Competitive by leveling up to 25, since ranked matchmaking will be readily available to you. There are various prerequisites you must meet if you’re a new Overwatch 2 player or someone who never advanced to Level 25 in the previous game.

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Overwatch 2’s guided First-Time User Experience, a tutorial-like approach that exposes you to the game’s fundamental ideas progressively over the course of 150 matches, is required for new players. This experience eventually unlocks all of the original 32 Overwatch heroes. Note that this stage is not a concern for the first game’s participants. 

Players must also compete in and win 50 Quick Play games after the FTUE is over. This makes sure that every Competitive player has a sufficient amount of experience and is familiar with the fundamentals of attacking, defending, and team play. 

Both new and veteran Overwatch players who never unlocked the first Competitive mode must meet this criterion. Competitive play will be accessible when you’ve won 50 Quick Play games and the FTUE.

Remember that you not only have to play the 50 matches but also win them. These consist of both the Open Queue and Role Queue modes. 

To check the number of Quick Matches that you have won in “Overwatch 2, you can head to the Statistics tab present in your Career Profile in the game where you can go to the drop-down list and filter by Quick Play. 

Once you have won the 50 mandatory Quick Play games, you will have completed the Competitive Play Qualification Challenge of the game and as a result of this, you, as a player, get an access to all the Competitive modes. 

As you win other Competitive Challenges, you will obtain Competitive Points as well as New Player Titles in the form of rewards. The Competitive Points that you get here can be used to purchase several golden weapon variants for your in-game hero. 

Wrap Up

That was all about what is Competitive Play in Overwatch 2 and how you can unlock Competitive in the game. We hope that there is nothing left that you needed to know in this aspect, and if there is, you can share it with us in the comments section so that we can provide you the information you need. 

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