How To Unlock Completionist Camo MW2?

Have you seen the Completionist Camos of MW 2? They surely look stunning, don’t they? Those amazing color combinations with your favorite weapons will provide an amazing look to your guns. But you need to unlock the Completionist Camo to use these customizations. Completionist Camos or mastery camos are rare weapon cosmetics and you need to first unlock them to use.

To unlock the completionist camos, you need to first complete the four base camos for your desired weapon. The challenges unlock with the leveling up of your weapon. After completing all the base camo challenges, you will get to the Four camos in Completionist camos and start with unlocking the Gold Camo and then the rest follows.  

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How To Unlock Completionist Camo MW2?

The Completionist Camo or the mastery camo has some exciting customization features for your weapons. They possess four camos you must unlock but before that, unlock the four base camo challenges. These four challenges unlock as you level up your weapons and are not that difficult to complete. The base camos are universal and you can unlock them for all weapons. Completionist Camo challenges on the other hand require some hard work and is a lengthy process. You need to unlock them individually for each weapon. 

The four Completionist Camo include Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion.

  1. Gold Camo

Gold Camo is the first completionist camo you need to unlock. In this first challenge, the player has to have a particular number of kills and ensure not to die a particular number of times. The challenge is similar for various weapons, however, the number varies with guns. 

  1. Platinum Camo

Once you unlock the Gold Camo for every weapon, you can then go to unlock the Platinum Camo. The Platinum Camo challenge is similar for each weapon of the same class, however, it can vary from one class to the other. The Platinum Camo challenges include getting a specific number of mounted kills or long shots or more. 

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  1. Polyatomic Camo

To unlock the Polyatomic Camo challenge, you need to first get Platinum Camo on over 51 separate weapons. When you are done with the Platinum Camo challenge, you can jump on the Polyatomic. The Polyatomic Camo challenges also vary with each weapon class and will take you to the last camo to unlock. 

  1. Orion Camo 

The last Completionist Camo and the last challenge you need to complete is the Orion. You will reach here once you unlock the Polyatomic Camo on almost 51 weapons. Orion does not present any additional challenges for you to complete, the camo gets automatically unlocked for the 51 weapons that had Polyatomic Camo. 

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How To Unlock Completionist Camo MW2?- FAQs

Why can’t I unlock Completionist Camo?

You can’t directly jump on the Completionist Camo, you need to follow a process to reach there. Make sure you have unlocked all four base camos properly and then Gold Camo is also properly unlocked. You must also finish the completionist assignments provided by Modern Warfare ll. 

What is M4’s Gold Camo challenge?

The Gold Camo challenge is similar for all weapon classes but the number varies with every class or weapon. For M4, the player needs to get three kills but without dying ten times. You might kill the same player continuously to get the desired number of kills but the moment you die, it’s all in vain. 

Wrap Up

We provided you with the steps you must follow to unlock Completionist Camo MW2. There is also information regarding the four completionist camos and their challenges. With the above process, you will be able to unlock all four completionist camos including Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion. 

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