How To Unlock Slimline Pro In MW2?

Players of Modern Warfare 2 have been going insane while trying to figure out how to unlock Slimline Pro in MW2. Being the most important part of your guns in the game, many players still have no idea how to get one for them because of its tricky method. But don’t worry, this article will contain everything about unlocking Slimeline Pro. 

The Slimline Pro is the most important and classic attachment as it comes at the top of the M4 Rifle in MW2. Players who wanted to make their gameplay performance the best in the game should definitely try to get one as it increases their chances of winning. However, with so much research we have finally figured out how to unlock this classic item so that you can use it as any weapon for yourself in the game. 

Here is some bad news for MW2 players, the Slimline Pro is a kind of unlockable attachment in the game. Fans who are very eager to get this weapon for themselves have been unable to do so right now. 

Now, of course, you wanna know why you are not able to block Slimline pro for MW2 after reading this. Right? If that’s the case, then read the full article up to the end which covered almost everything related to Slimline Pro for MW2. Get ready to know more about it. 

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How To Unlock Slimline Pro In MW2?

Unfortunately, players right now do not have any option to unlock Slimline Pro in MW2. Despite being present in the Gunsmith Menu, the weapon currently has no unlock challenges. Even if you select it from the Custom Loadout options, there is no proper option for an explanation for unlocking it. Furthermore, if you reach Level 20 with your M4 rifle, or with any other MW2 weapon. Slimline Pro is not going to be accessible to you.

Aside from that, you have the privilege to test the Slimline Pro. Yes, if you don’t wanna experiment with Slim Pro then you must do so in a private match. Because all attachments including the Slimline Pro are unlocked from the start in the private matches. If you are planning to play the private match with your mates then you can use Slimline as an attachment. 

These are the steps from which you can use Slimline Pro in your private matches:

  • Start Modern Warfare 2
  • Select Multiplayer> Private Match from the menu
  • Participate in a private match
  • Choose a game mode
  • Equip the M4 assault rifle from the weapons> Loadout weapons
  • You can then choose the Slimline Pro Optic from the attachment of the optic

When Will Slimline Pro In MW2 Be Available?

There is no official statement on it yet, but it is given that much of the MW2 game content will be available with the Season 1 of the game which will be going to be launched on November 16, 2022. You can expect the Slimline Pro will be unlocked at that moment. Till then, you just need to wait for its arrival or use them in private matches. 

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What Are The Best Alternatives To Slimline Pro In MW2?

Slimline Pro is not available right now, so we have the 2 best weapons for you that you can use instead of Slimline Pro. Both perform admirably in multiplayer modes and provide excellent visibility. They are:

  • Cronen Mini Red Dot
  • Cronen Mini Pro

Cronen Mini Red Dot

Despite the fact, it is called a red dot, it comes in a green color also. It is one of the first unlockables and gives you a clear view of enemy marks. You must first level up the FSS Hurricane SMG to unlock it. 

Cronen Mini Pro

This is yet another fantastic option for a clear and concise view. To get this Cronen Mini Pro, you must equip the shotgun- Expedite 12 and needs to level it up to 7. Once completed, it is available as a weapon and a great alternative to Slimline Pro in MW2.

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This concludes our discussion of the Slimline Pro in Modern Warfare 2. It is not available right now but needs to be functional soon for MW2 after season one of the game which is going to be launched on November 16.

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