Is dc universe crossplay in 2022?

The MMO inspired by the world from DC Comics, DC Universe Online has been running for eight years and has expanded to multiple platforms. The platforms comprise PS4, Xbox One, and PC as well as the list of platforms has been expanded and now includes Nintendo Switch, which launched just this week.

Is DC Universe Online crossplay? Do Switch owners play on other systems?

Like any MMO launching in a brand new market, it could take time to establish a player base. In the case of an MMO it could be devastating.

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MMOs are designed for play by multiple players simultaneously (it’s in the genre’s name). If there are only a handful of players around, it can break the experience and make the experience feel like an empty town. The ability to crossplay with other systems can help alleviate the issue.

DC Universe crossplay PS4, Xbox One, and PC?

It’s not only Nintendo Switch that’s being isolated. Nintendo Switch is isolated from other DC Universe Online servers, since Xbox One is also on a separate server.

Xbox One version is also in a different server from other versions and doesn’t have cross-play. But the good news is that both the PC and PS4 version of DCUO have crossplay and both are from the same server which is why it’s a natural thing to do. This is the reason the reason Metropolis appears to be so crowded.

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