How To Use A Lure In Pokemon Go – Know About All 3 Type Of Lures

Have you wondered about the importance and use of Lures in Pokemon Go? There are several kinds of lures to be installed in the game but most of the players do not exactly know how to use a lure in Pokemon Go and what will be its advantages, but, no worries, as we are here to let you know everything you need to be aware of in this aspect. 

To use a Lure in Pokemon Go, you must first be possessing a Lure in your game inventory. Then, you have to tap on the Pokestop and a close-up screen will appear where you can tap on the little white space present just above the disc and add the lure from your inventory over there. 

Pokemon Go is one of the favorite games of people on a global level. There you get to catch several types of Pokemon available within your geographical locations, some of which are easier to find while the others are tough to catch, but the fact is that no Pokemon is impossible to be captured if the right approach is followed in the game. 

If you want to know everything about how to use a lure in Pokemon Go, then you have landed at the right place, so, let us not waste any time and move forward to know all. 

What Is The Use Of Lures In Pokemon Go?

Lures are actually the modules that the players can use in Pokemon Go which will help in enhancing the PokeStops. If you install a Lure to your PokeStop, it will help attract certain types of Pokemon towards that PokeStop, and thus, you will be able to attempt to catch them. 

Let us also check out the different types of Lures available in Pokemon Go that the players can use. 

1. Magnetic Lure Module

This is an electronic Lure Module using which, the players can attract the Steel, Electric, as well as Rock type Pokemon and it will work for at most 30 minutes. 

2. Glacial Lure Module

This is a frosty Lure Module that is used for attracting the Pokemon from the Water and Ice Type, and this too works for thirty minutes. 

3. Rainy Lure Module

The Rainy Lure Module is a wet lure module that is needed when one wishes to attract the Bug Type, Water Type, or Electric Type Pokemon for a maximum of thirty minutes. 

4. Mossy Lure Module

Finally, here is a natural lure module that you can use when you wish to attract the Grass Type, Bug Type, and Poison Type Pokemon in the game, again it works only for 30 minutes. 

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How To Get A Lure In Pokemon Go?

If you do not have any Lure in your Pokemon Go inventory and need them, the only way in which you can get any of the Glacial, Magnetic, Rainy, or Mossy lures is by purchasing from the Pokemon Go In-Game Shop. each of the Lures will cost you 180 coins. 

Although, there have been certain questlines where Lures have appeared as rewards, the only guaranteed attempt to own a Lure is only by purchasing it, while you can also keep looking into the questlines, you might get lucky someday. 

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How to Use A Lure In Pokemon Go?

Using a regular Lure in Pokemon Go is not a difficult thing to do. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps in the game for this. 

1. First, you have to visit a PokeStop near you on which you wish to install the Lure.

2. Then, tap on the PokeStop on the screen. 

3. Now, on the close-up screen, you will see a little white space right above the disc, tap on it. 

4. Now you can select the Lure you want to install here from your inventory. 

The lure you install on the PokeStop will last only for 30 minutes on regular days, however, when there are events such as the Community Day, these Lures are boosted and are effective for a few hours to your advantage. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you are now entirely aware of the Lure Modules and how to use a Lure in Pokemon Go. So, from now onwards, if you are struggling in getting a certain type of Pokemon in the game, you can always make use of the suitable Lure to attract the type and then catch them.

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