Importance Of Writing When Creating Content for Social Media 

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Nowadays, a company can count on such a large number of new media, of virtual platforms for sending its messages, that it hardly knows where to start, or to which channel to entrust this or that communicative message to be addressed to its target audience. 

The multiplication of social media, over the last few years, has disproportionately increased the firepower of companies, putting them in the position of being able to send strong communication messages to anyone, at any time and with different forms and contents, depending on the platform where they will be published. 

The Functioning Of New Media

If you take a look at the social profiles of certain companies, and if you compare the content published within each online channel, you will realise that many brands have not yet understood the singular character that animates each channel, and that for organisational reasons they prefer to publish the same content within different social media, as if it were a single platform where they publish the same content, without the slightest differentiation. 

These companies are also the same ones who later, when they realise that the performance of their social channels is not at all exciting, turn to communication gurus or phantom digital marketing specialists in the hope of getting some tips, some useful advice to turn things around and improve the performance of the individual posts they publish. 

A Crucial Skill 

To make social media work, the right professionals are needed, competent figures who also know how to profitably use all the skills related to content creation and in particular to writing, a skill that is of enormous use especially when drafting copy for social network posts, and which can prove to be of great use in learning to write a stunning content for your online communication

Facebook, in all likelihood, is the only social media where textual content of a certain length can still be successful, especially if it is used for brand storytelling purposes: a long post, from this point of view, could help the brand to tell its story in more detail, in a much more complete way, without stopping at the usual sentences without substance. 

Another platform where texts can still play a certain role is LinkedIn, where the tone of voice should undoubtedly be more formal, even technical, and able to adapt to all the features of a given service or product. Twitter, in some respects, is a case apart: it is a micro-blogging social media where the content, forcibly limited to a certain number of characters, must necessarily be brief, extremely concise, and must also possess the capacity to capture the attention of the reader in a very short time, to prevent him or her from moving on without even finishing reading it. 

On this social media, in a certain sense, the text must possess an extremely high degree of dynamism, as if the small amount of copy inserted in the post represented a tiny part of a dialogue that was only imagined, a dialogue that was pressing and characterised by a decidedly sustained, in some cases even vertiginous, pace. 

On other social networks, such as Twitch, TikTok or Instagram, text takes a back seat, almost always being relegated to the role of a mere caption for more lively and flashy content, such as a photograph, video or short animation created by profile owners. To liven up your copy, when writing on social media, the use of emoticons can undoubtedly be useful, bearing in mind, however, that these cute little faces can never replace the written word: in the social sphere (and not only), they represent valid allies for adding a pinch of joy to any written content. 

Unless you are writing for a website or a blog, your text should be short, concise and full of information so that it captures the reader’s attention within a few seconds. Some brands specialising in online gambling have already been employing this rule for several years, dedicating a great deal of attention to the written content of its website and in particular to reviews focusing on the individual games offered by more than ten thousand new online casinos. The guides and reviews have in fact been created by a team of experts who have analysed and honestly evaluated each site proposed by the portal, thus providing each player with an extremely useful guide for registering and starting to experience the excitement of online entertainment, in a completely safe and risk-free manner. 

In the age of social media, words can still help us find our way to fun, propelling us towards intense and exciting experiences that we will never forget.

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