Is Aliens: Fireteam Elite Crossplay?

Is Aliens: Fireteam Elite crossplay?

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is the most popular online survival game. Again, like other games we came up with this topic “Is Aliens: fireteam Elite cross-play or not?”

This game was launched recently on 24 August 2021. Developed by Core Iron Studios and published by Focus Entertainment. It is a multiplayer action video game but it is not a cross-play game. 

Aliens: Fireteam elite doesn’t support cross-platform. But wait!! This is only the half news about this game. You will still find something very interesting in this article related to this game. 

So, must read till the end to know whether Aliens: Fireteam Elite will support cross-play in the future or not? Also, you will get to know more about other features of this game.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Crossplay and Cross-Platform

This game was released for PC, PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S.

While at the arrival of the game, the people expected that this game is a cross-play game. But unfortunately, this game doesn’t support a cross-play feature at its launch which makes people very disappointed.

This means that if you play this game on Xbox consoles, you want to be able to play it with others on PlayStation consoles.

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Partial Cross-Platform

As we know now, Aliens: Fireteam Elite doesn’t support cross-platform. However, there is some cross-platform support, so it’s not all terrible news. 

PC players will be allowed to play with console players, which means you play this game with players having PC and Xbox or PC and PlayStation. But not be able to play with Xbox and PlayStation combination.

Cross-Generation Support in Aliens: Fireteam Elite

“Yes”. Cross-Generation support is present in this game, which means Xbox series players can play with Xbox One players, and PS4 players can play with PS5 players.

Will Aliens: Fireteam Elite become full Cross-Platform?

We cannot answer this question properly. The developers of this game Aliens: fireteam Elite has neither confirmed nor denied the addition of a cross-play feature in this game in the future.

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So far it has not been fully confirmed whether this game will be cross-platform or not. We will have to wait for its future updates. Without having a cross-play feature, most players prefer to play this game. 

Due to its amazing popularity, we have the 3 seasons for this game. Maybe in the coming December, the game developers of this game came up with the news that Aliens: fireteam Elite supports a fully Cross-Platform feature.

We will keep you updated for its future news.

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