How To Get A Minigun In Warzone 2022

Finally, Warzone’s fourth season has here, But do you know that A hidden Minigun was also added to Warzone by Infinity Ward in addition to the battle pass and new levels? Now after knowing this, you will definitely want to know, “How To Get A Minigun In Warzone 2022”? But how? The answer to this “how” is explained in the next line.

The Miniguns are placed in Bunker 11, so your main mission is to get those Miniguns from Bunker 11. Even though the location is known, entering Bunker 11 can be difficult. Then, how you will proceed further? For this, you will have to read the further article in which everything for getting Miniguns is explained in detail.

The Minigun is really powerful, as you might anticipate. When adversaries are not too near to you, it will slow you down but will let you defeat them more quickly than practically anything else. Naturally, getting it is quite difficult.

But if you are really serious about getting Minigun in a Warzone, Don’t worry about that, download the Warzone now, and read this full article, where you will get a complete guide for getting Minigun in Warzone.

How To Get A Minigun In Warzone 2022?

In order to get Minigun in Warzone, you have to enter Bunker 11. Why Bunker 11? Because Miniguns are placed in Bunker 11. But as I told you earlier, entering Bunker 11 is not an easy task. You have to take some steps in order to get entry into Bunker 11. What are those steps for that?

How To Get Entry Into Bunker 11?

You must first go to one of the five phones scattered around the maps in the hopes of hearing a message being uttered in Russian. You must go to one of five certain phones since not all phones in the game will play the message.

After that, you will need to translate and recall three digits between 0 and 9, which will be spoken along with a peculiar warning message. In order to reach Bunker 11 and open it before anybody else before the gate closes, it would be best to study the numbers in advance if you don’t know Russian.

The next step is to go to three phones with numbers that match the ones you heard. You must dial the digits in the proper sequence, and you will hear morse code for those numbers when you do.

After that, you must proceed to Bunker 11, where you will be able to grab the Minigun for Warzone. 

Locations of the Five Phones

You will find the above-mentioned Phones in the following locations:

  • At the huge office structure in the heart of downtown
  • The Lozoff Pass’s northernmost building
  • South-East of the town, down the cliff from there, in the building to the west
  • In the little community south of Promenade West, in the house in the middle of the northern side
  • In the compact structure near Dam’s base

Number Codes In the Russian Language

Anyone who does not know the Russian language well will need to learn these codes.

  • a-deen (1)
  • dva (2)
  • tree (3)
  • chye-tir-ye (4)
  • pyat (5)  
  • shest (6)
  • syem (7)
  • vo-syem (8)
  • dyev-yat (9)


In short, getting Minigun in Warzone is a tricky task. You need to enter Buker 11, for that you will be familiar with the Russian language number codes. That’s everything you need to know in order to add a Minigun to your Warzone game and increase your chances of winning the Warzone by using a Minigun. After playing Warzone 4, make sure that you will have the access to Minigun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of Bunker 11 in Warzone?

Bunker 11 is located at the top of the northwest of the military base which is at the top of the map. 

How much damage does the Minigun do in Warzone?

The Minigun will deliver 32 damage per round at any distance of more than 38 meters, necessitating bullets to kill. In severe game types, the Minigun has a three-hit kill of 36 meters and a one-shot kill at all ranges.

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