Pokemon Go What Are The Rings In The Sky?

Have you also seen those rings in the sky while playing Pokemon Go? Are you still wondering what exactly those rings meant and finally decided to search about the same? It is okay, we will put an end to your curiosity and tell you what are the rings in the sky in Pokemon that you have probably seen. 

Pokemon Go has ever since been one of the best AR video games available to date. Every other day, new events, tasks, challenges, and Pokemon are introduced to the game so that Pokemon Go doesn’t seem stagnant and looks like something is always happening throughout the game. Recently, you might also have noticed golden-colored rings in the in-game sky of Pokemon Go. 

In Pokemon Go, the rings in the sky are related to the rare Pokemon Hoopa, meaning that the Pokemon named Hoopa is going to make its appearance in the game as a part of a certain event, that is the reason these rings showed up in the sky at some occasions in the game. 

If you want to know more about these golden rings in the sky of Pokemon Go, then we are going to let you have all the related information. 

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Pokemon Go What Are The Rings In The Sky?

Well, you might have seen the golden rings in the sky which are too high in the sky to easily notice, which is why a lot of players are not even aware of the existence of any such thing. However, if your keen eye has noticed it, you have the right to know what the ring is about. 

Recently, Hoopa, a rare Pokemon was introduced in an event in Pokemon Go, and to indicate this Pokemon’s arrival, the golden rings used to appear occasionally in the sky. 

Hoopa is a Mythical Pokemon that automatically makes it a rare species in Pokemon Go. This is a Dual Type Pokemon of Psychic as well as Ghost Type from the Kalos region. You can have this Pokemon only in two forms, Confined and Unbound and it cannot be evolved at all. 

What this means is that these rings are just a part of the storyline of Pokemon Go and have nothing to do with the gameplay, it is just a mere graphic of the display, having no specific purpose. You might also have tried tapping on those rings to see if something happens, but we know that you didn’t get anything out of that. 

Also, these rings randomly appeared only during the Hoopa exclusive event called the Mischief Unbound Special Event and as soon as the event expired, the rings also stopped making their appearance in the game. 

Although the event is not happening in the game anymore, you must still be aware of such things so that the next time these rings appear in the sky, you can know already that a rare Pokemon is going to arrive and it is going to be a great opportunity for you to get a new species added to your Pokedex. Thus, make sure that you carefully look at the sky from now onwards. 

Wrap Up

We hope that the next time you see any such thing as these golden rings that appeared in the sky in Pokemon Go, you will not at all get confused with that and will immediately understand that a new rare Pokemon is going to make its entry in the game via some event or task. If there is any other thing in Pokemon Go that you want to know more about, you can share it with us anytime via the comments section so that we can explain that too in detail.

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