How To Evolve Inkay In Pokemon Sword?

Have you got your Inkay in Pokemon Sword and now wish to transform it into something stronger? Or are you still wondering if it is easy to evolve Inkay in Pokemon Sword before catching this species? Whatever you are thinking, we know how to get you out of these perplexing thoughts. 

Inkay is a good Dark and Psychic Type Pokemon that you can have in games like Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is already a bit tough to catch Inkay in Pokemon Sword that players usually forget they will ever be able to even evolve it, however, with the right instructions and guidance, this is possible. 

To evolve Inkay in Pokemon Sword, you need to first catch it in the game and then raise it to level 30 or above through battles or EXP Candy. Once your Inkay is eligible, you just need to turn your console upside down before closing the dialogue or ending the battle and your Inkay will automatically be evolved into Malamar. 

If you want to know this evolution process in detail right from the scratch, then just keep reading and you will receive full-fledged information regarding evolving Inkay in Pokemon Sword. 

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How To Evolve Inkay In Pokemon Sword?

If you want to evolve an Inkay in Pokemon Sword, firstly, you need to catch a Pokemon of this species for yourself. 

So, we need to begin with finding an Inkay in Pokemon Sword. There are five locations in total where there are great chances of finding Inkay in Pokemon Sword, these are: 

1. Route 7 (levels 37 – 41)

2. Route 9 (levels 39 – 43)

3. The Bridge Field (levels 40 – 43)

4. Giant’s Mirror (levels 41 – 45)

5. Hammerlocke Hills In The Wild Area (levels 28 – 30)

However, there is only one location where the Inkay spawns, and that is the Overworld which is at Route 7. Alternatively, the other spawning site of Inkay is while biking over water at the Giant’s Mirror. 

If you do not get to find Inkay in these locations, you can try in the grass at Route 9 and Hammerlocke where Inkay might be one of your several encounters. In these encounters, the chances of encountering an Inkay range from 10 to 35% in the Wild Area section the possibility of which also depends upon the weather. 

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In all weather conditions, the random encounter rate for Inkay is 25% in the grass at Route 9, so this is the best choice to hunt an Inkay in this region. 

Once you catch your Inkay, then comes the time to go for the evolution process. In order to be eligible for evolving your Inkay, you need to first raise its level to 30 or above. You can level up your Inkay via battles or with the help of EXP candy.

Once you have leveled up your Inkay up to the eligibility criteria, there is a simple thing that you need to do for making the evolution happen. The best part is that you do not require any kind of evolutionary item for this Pokemon. 

All you have to do is rotate your console upside down while you are about to end your battle or close the dialogue. It is best to perform this action in handheld mode on Nintendo Switch. Once you have turned your console at the right time in the right way, you will get your Inkay evolved into a Malamar. 

So, all you need is an Inkay that has reached level 30 or more and then you can simply evolve it by rotating your console in a downwards direction and that is it. We can say that Inkay is one of those Pokemon that do not stress the players out for evolution, they just make things easy for us once we have caught them. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you have completely understood how to evolve Inkay in Pokemon Sword. However, if you are still facing any trouble with this or any other evolution in this game or any other Pokemon Game, you can share it with us in the comments section and we shall do our best to assist you for the same.

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