Pokemon Go Error Claiming Battle Rewards

Players are getting ready to compete against other trainers in the upcoming Season of Light (new season) in Pokemon Go. Unless the Pokemon Go Error claiming battle rewards issue is faced, everyone on the team is eager to experience everything this new season has to offer.

But the problem with this new season comes with an issue. What’s the issue? Before playing in the new season, many players face errors in claiming their last season’s battle rewards. If you belong to this group, then you have come to the right place to know how to fix Pokemon Go Error Claiming Battle Rewards.

You may usually resolve your problem by making space in your poke box. Well!! Many players frequently forget about the storage capacity while playing Pokemon. And regrettably, the game doesn’t let you know when your storage is full, leaving gamers perplexed as to why they can’t obtain their rewards.

Pokemon Go Error Claiming Battle Rewards

The good news of Season of Light is that a lot of things are the same in this new season as you use to play in the last season of Pokemon Go. But the only problem they are facing is that while collecting end-of-season rewards, they get the message “Error Claiming Battle Rewards”. As a result, they are experiencing issues in collecting their rewards. 

After winning the reward with so much effort in the game, when players cannot collect it, it is obvious that they will be frustrated. So, it has become essential to fix this problem. 

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Why is the Pokemon Go Error Claiming Battle Rewards Issue Occur?

The most obvious reason for this issue is that your Pokebox or Pokemon storage is full for your game. And right now there is not enough room for you to keep your collected rewards in it. That’s why you faced this problem. 

How To Fix Pokemon Go Error Claiming Battle Rewards?

This issue interrupts while playing Pokemon and makes you annoying. No worries!! Every problem comes with its solution. Thankfully, we also have an easy method to fix this problem. 

The only method to resolve this culture is just by making space in your poke box. By doing this your issue is getting resolved most of the time and after that, you will be able to collect your rewards for the game.

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Creating room in your poke box is the only method for fixing the Pokemon Go Error Claiming Battle Rewards issue. In some cases, even after having space in your Pokemon storage, you still get this error message. The server is having a problem in that case rather than your storage. You don’t need to do anything to resolve this; you only have to wait for the server to do it on its own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps for getting your Pokemon Go Rewards?

  • Visit the official website of Pokemon Go
  • Login to your Pokemon Go account
  • Type your offer code
  • After entering the code, you will quickly get a message that rewards are added to your list.

What is error 25 in Pokemon Go?

When you attempt to capture a Pokemon that has previously been captured by Go+ players, then error 25 will appear. Just by simply restarting your application, this problem is fixed.

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