Where Is The Crow Key In Resident Evil 7

Is it really hard to get your Crow key as you want to unlock the doors in Resident Evil 7? Well, the task can become handy if you are well-guided about where is the crow key in Resident Evil 7 and how to get it. 

Resident Evil 7, is the seventh edition of the series and the first that uses the in-house RE Engine of Capcom. This survival horror is way beyond those games you would have played. There are certain items that you need to find in the game for unlocking several doors to advance in the game, one of which is the crow key. But the thing is, you must be aware of where you will find it. 

Where is the Crow key in Resident Evil 7? Answer: Go to the old house’s first floor and exit from the dining room and head towards the outhouse where you will get the crow key inside the treasure chest. 

Look, this is not as easy as it appears, there are many hurdles in the way and you will have to struggle a lot in the game before getting your hands on the crow key. For better guidance on how you can get it, just continue reading further. 

What Is Crow Key In Resident Evil 7?

In the game Resident Evil 7, the Crow key is a strange key that has a bird skull attached to it, so you can identify it through that skull. 

There are basically two doors, called the crow doors,  in the game for which the Crow key is required to open them. One of these crow doors is in the Old House on the second floor, while the other is in the main house, inside the storage room. 

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Where Is The Crow Key In Resident Evil 7? 

As for the location, the crow key will be found on the first floor of the old house in Resident Evil 7. However, this place is not that simple to pass through as you will find all new enemies in the far more creepy setting in the game, but, with good precautions and a strategy, you will definitely be able to find the crow key in the game. 

How To Get The Crow Key In Resident Evil 7?

To obtain the crow key in Resident Evil 7, you will first head to the Old House and go upstairs to the first floor. There, you have to exit from the dining hall where you will have to use the crank for raising the bridge that will lead you to the Outhouse by the pump station. Here, you will find the treasure chest inside which is the Crow Key. 

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Wrap Up

Now you know well about where is the Crow key in Resident Evil 7 and how you can get it to open the crow doors. So, go ahead and waste no more time obtaining this important key to go further in the game. 

Where Is The Crank In Resident Evil 7?

To get the crank, you will have to go inside the crawl space of the basement that is in the Old House. This Crank will be required in the game at certain times to operate several devices, so you better get it. 

Where Is The Snake Key In Resident Evil 7?

The location of the snake key in Resident Evil 7 is the Dissection Room where you will have to investigate the neck of the corpse, and there you will find the snake key. 

Where Is The Scorpion Key In Resident Evil 7?

To find the Scorpion key, you have to head to the processing area where it will be shoved onto a piece of flesh that is kept on the table. 

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