Where To Find Beldum In Pokemon Go – 4 Ways To Catch This Iron Ball Pokemon

Finding the Iron Ball Pokemon, which we are going to discuss today, is quite hard. Do you know which Pokemon we are referring to? Well, it is Beldum, the combination of Steel and Psychic Type. And this article will direct you to where to find Beldum in Pokemon Go.

You can find Beldum in Pokemon Go in the Wild, where you have a significant probability of encountering a Beldum by just roaming around. Apart from that, you can get a Beldum during the Raid Battles in the game or by hatching the Pokemon Go egg. There are certain tasks as well, which will reward you with the Beldum Pokemon on their completion. There is a lot more about this that you need to know to increase your chances of quickly finding Beldum.

There is a wide range of Pokemon that can be found and then captured in Pokemon Go, and among the rarest combinations that are the Psychic and Steel Type comes this Iron Ball Pokemon namely Beldum.

Do you know where to find Beldum in Pokemon Go? If you are not aware yet, there are a lot of options that you can opt for finding this interesting Pokemon in the game, just read along and find out everything about it.

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Where To Find Beldum In Pokemon Go?

Previously, you could also get a Beldum during the Rank 4 of the Go Battle League if you enter in Season 1 and Season 2. 

However, this option is no longer available for the players, but this doesn’t mean that you should lose hope, there are great chances that in the near future, this Pokemon Beldum will probably be added as a reward to the League again. 

This, by no means, tells you that you do not have any chance of getting a Beldum Pokemon, there are several other occasions that get you the opportunity to catch it, you can check them all right here. 

In The Wild

The best place where you can easily find as well as catch a Beldum for yourself in Pokemon Go is in the wild. In fact, if you go for a Wild Beldum and catch it, you will be getting a Beldum with the highest potential CP. 

The spawn rate has recently increased to a great level because of various events launched in the game, however, even if you are too late for an event, you do have really good chances of having an encounter with a Beldum while you are just randomly exploring out in the wild. 

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By Hatching A Pokemon Go Egg

Apart from this, you can also find a Beldum for yourself by hatching the Pokemon Go egg. As you hatch any Pokemon Go egg, you have as many chances of getting a Beldum as you do for other Pokemon. 

In The Pokemon Go Raid Battles

This is not all, do you know that Beldum can also be found in the raids? This Iron Ball Pokemon, Beldum is a regular Tier 1 Boss that you will see in the raid battles of Pokemon Go. All you have to do is take part in a Raid Battle of Pokemon Go, look for the Beldum, and defeat it, after which you can capture this Pokemon just like you do with any other Pokemon in the game. 

By Completing Field Research Tasks

In fact, you can also get a Beldum Pokemon as a reward in the game which is provided as a result of accomplishing certain Field Research Tasks in the game. Some of such tasks include the Hatch an Egg task, Hatch 2 Eggs task, and also the Win aa Raid task as a result of which you, as a player, will be given a chance to encounter a Beldum with low CP.

Wrap Up

These were all the options on where to find Beldum in Pokemon Go. So, if you are really looking for one, you can follow our guide to this and get one for yourself anytime you wish. If there is any other Pokemon you are looking for but are still not sure of where to find it in the game, you can tell us in the comment section below and we will soon come up with a guide on that too.

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