MW2 How To Unlock Gold Camo?

The new Modern Warfare II is an amazing addition to the CoD series and possesses some new features and also continues some popular old ones. The SAS forces and the military from various countries come together in search of a terrorist. The game has introduced many improvements in the game designs, gameplay, and character movements with improved swimming and vehicle mechanics. 

Camos played a great role in many previous editions and thus, also shares importance in the new MW2. You can customize your weapons and give your guns the desired skin with the camo’s help and make it more exciting and attractive. The Gold Camo is a classic that still remains in the new edition due to its popularity. 

To unlock the Gold Camo, you need to kill enemies required for that. You need to first Level up your weapon> Complete the base challenges> Finish the Gold Camo challenge> Use the Gold Camo to your weapon

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MW2 How To Unlock Gold Camo?

Every Weapon in MW2 consists of about Four Base Camos and Four Completionist Camos. Both these camos have their own unique features and utility. If you want your gun to shine when you destroy enemies then you can opt for the Gold Camo to give your gun a shiny, golden look. However, to use this skin, you need to first unlock the Gold Camo. 

Following are the steps you must go through to unlock Gold Camo

> Level up the weapon 

Every gun you possess has particular levels to unlock the Camo Challenges. To know more about these you can go to the Weapons Tab and try choosing camos and combining them with the guns you desire. There you will know about the specific camos for particular guns. 

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> Complete the base challenges

To get to the Gold Camo, you first need to unlock and earn the four base camos. Go to the Customise Tab and choose Camo. You will find four camos on the left of the Menu. Each level has a challenge you must complete to use them. 

> Finish the Gold Camo challenge

Right to the Base Camos are Completionist Camos and the Gold Camo is the first among there. The Gold Camo challenge has some action and every weapon has a similar challenge you need to complete with slight changes due to additional weapons and some game elements. The challenge is to get a particular number of kills in a row without dying a specific number of times. 

> Use the Gold Camo for your weapon

Following these steps will unlock the Gold Camo and after finishing the Gold Camo challenge, you will be able to equip the Gold Camo to your weapon. The process to unlock Gold Camo is basically similar to what we mentioned with slight changes. 

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MW2 How To Unlock Gold Camo?- FAQs

How to get Golden Guns in MW2?

First, go through the process mentioned above, and in the Gold Camo challenge, you must have three kills without dying ten times. This challenge is similar for almost every gun but not for the Rocket Launchers. For the Rocket Launchers, after following the previous steps, you need to get two kills without dying. 

Where can I play MW2 2022?

The game is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows and was released on October 28, 2022. 

What are the four Completionist Camos?

The four tiers of Completionist Camos include Gold camo, Platinum camo, Polyatomic camo, and Orion camo

Wrap Up

CoD is well known for its combat, weaponry, special characters, and groups. Camos are also a significant part of weapon customization. We have mentioned above the steps you should follow to unlock the classic Gold Camo and the challenges you might face. Carefully go through the tips and give a sparkling look to your gun.

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