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Anthem is an online-based, action-role-playing video game created by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released globally on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 22 2019.

Is Anthem Crossplay?

The game currently is not crossplay compatible even though it’s cross-platform. There’s currently no date for the date that Anthem will allow crossplay. 

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The executive producer of Anthem Mark Darrah mentioned that crossplay wouldn’t be available initially, but some statements from the past indicate that the company is considering it.

Should Anthem get Crossplay?

Anthem is an BioWare game is in danger of dying and requires anything to keep it alive. Since there aren’t many players remaining in Anthem, segregating the current player base isn’t the best decision. 

Platforms are integrating by allowing cross-platform multiplayer, eliminating barriers and allowing players on all platforms to play. The only thing that makes Anthem unique is the crossplay feature. 

Anthem is played on EA’s servers across every platform, so there’s no reason Anthem can’t be played across multiple platforms. So fingers crossed.

Will Anthem get Crossplay in the future?

There’s currently no date when Anthem will be able to support crossplay. The executive producer of Anthem Mark Darrah specifically mentioned that crossplay wouldn’t be available initially, however statements previously made appear to suggest that it’s on the horizon. However, there’s been no additional announcements on this.

Which Platforms will get Crossplay if available?

However, there is no any definitive reason. The possibility of cross-playing with Xbox One and PC, built on games previously released by other companies, is believed as the likely scenario.

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PlayStation was not always a good partner in allowing cross-platform gaming, but it’s not impossible to imagine the possibility of crossplay between PC and PS4 shortly.

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