Where To Catch Scyther In Pokemon Go?

If you intend to catch Scyther in Pokemon Go, then you must know that many trainers have been working nonstop to capture this brand-new Pokemon. But it is quite difficult for them too. Now you must be wondering if it’s difficult for other trainers to catch it, then how could you possibly do it? Right? Don’t worry because today, all we are going to talk about is, where to catch Scyther in Pokemon Go?

Scyther is typically located in the Grasslands in Pokemon Go. You can find it in California, Maryland, South Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, and Utah if you are a resident of the United States. To find Scyther nests closer to you, you can consult well-known online maps.

In Pokemon Go, there is just one pokemon with special hands, and that is Scyther. Its hands are like scythes and it looks exactly like Praying Mantis. It battles with other Pokemon and hunts prey using arms like Scythes. Because of these qualities, it is a rare pokemon, and finding them is not an easy task.

But still, if you are a person who loves to take on challenges and difficulties, then I will suggest you surely catch Scyther which we can explain in this article.

Where To Catch Scyther In Pokemon Go?

As mentioned above, Scyther can be found in various locations around the United States in grasslands. You can also find it by using some online maps.

You can use the following maps to locate Scyther

  • The Sliph Road
  • Poke Hunter
  • Pokemon Go Map

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The Sliph Road

It offers details on potential locations for Scyther nests and spawning grounds. This Scyther tracking method is the best. Users can submit when they spot Scyther using their scanners, and this allows for frequent map updates. 

Since this pokemon is uncommon and could be hard to find if you are looking in the wrong spots when using Sliph Road, be sure to look in the areas described above.

Poke Hunter

Another excellent tool for finding Scyther nest is Poke Hunter. When you locate Scyther, you can use a tool that allows you to post to your Social Media profiles. On the website, you can also talk with other visitors. You will have enough time to travel to the location where Scyther will spawn and catch it. Scyther can be easily found by using the zoom tool to obtain a more precise location on the map.

Pokemon Go Map

One of the maps that show you the locations of the nest and the dates the spawning areas will become active is the Pokemon Go Map. Additionally, you can capture Scyther and other pokemon because you can view the many kinds of pokemon that will spawn nearby.

These are the best Scyther nest tracking programs that will provide you with data that will help if you wish to capture or farm Scyther.

List Of Coordinates For Scyther Nest Locations

The coordinates for the Scyther nest locations that we have gathered from the neighborhood and some Trading websites can also be used with Pokemon Go maps.

Location with coordinates

  • Victory Park: 34.161154-118.096444
  • Lafayette Park: 34.062204- 118.283422
  • Lithia Springs Park: 33.772791- 84.640331
  • Laurelhurst Park: 45.521146- 122.627529
  • Descanso Gardens: 34.201266- 118.209799
  • Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel and Conference Center: 33.942808- 84.553933
  • Northshore Park: 30.168609- 95.476798
  • Refugio Valley Park: 38.007900- 122.268826
  • Marina Park: 34.253733- 19.2268760
  • Sligo Creek: 39.015949- 77.032399
  • Red Butte Creek: 40.749525- 111.841720
  • Washington Square Park: 41.899264- 87.630590
  • Virginia Avenue Park: 34.02086- 118.46812
  • Falls Park: 34.845108- 82.400720
  • Kirby Park: 41.250726- 75.890242

How To Get Scyther In Pokemon Go?

It will be difficult for you to locate and catch a Scyther if you are not from any aforementioned regions or are not even close to them. You would normally need to make a trade to obtain Scyther. Thankfully, there is an alternative. To teleport to these locations in the game, utilize extra software.

While you lounge in the comfort of your own home, an app like MockGocan assist in getting you to these game sites. It does not require a specialist to operate this user-friendly program because it is rather easy to use. Additionally, you can use your device without jailbreaking it.

How To Use MockGo To Change Location In Pokemon Go?

Follow these steps to use MockGo to change location in pokemon go:

  • Download MockGo to the computer
  • Install MockGo
  • Once it’s running, link your device to your computer
  • Click start once your device has been found
  • Then choose the first option that can be seen in the upper-right corner. With this, you can move the iPhone’s GPS position to any desired place.
  • To find the location you are seeking, use the search bar. Click the Move Here button after adjusting the screen’s pin.
  • Your device’s GPS location will immediately change after that.

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You are in luck if you are an American seeking a Scyther in Pokemon Go, especially if you live in California or Texas. There are numerous Scyther nests dispersed throughout those locations, particularly in the Grasslands. On the other side, if you are not from these states, catching it will be harder.

Fortunately, when playing the game at home, you can truly teleport yourself to such locations, This can be done for you by application like MockGo, which makes hunting simpler than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scyther a rare pokemon in pokemon go?

The 123rd and most elusive pokemon is called Scyther. By exchanging the metal coat you are carrying for it, it evolves into Scizor.

In Pokemon Go, where can I find Scizor?

Catching Scyther in Pokemon Go is the most frequent and straightforward way to obtain Scizor. Users will require 50 Scyther candy and a metal coat in order to evolve a Scyther into a scizor. Players may simply obtain the necessary equipment from Pokestops and evolve their Scyther there.

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