How To Invite Friends On Sea Of Thieves PC

Our action-adventure video game Sea Of Thieves is in multiplayer mode, and the multiplayer mode in a game turns out the best when you and your friends are playing together. So, do you want to know how to invite friends on Sea Of Thieves PC or are you still compromising on playing the game with random strangers? 

To invite friends on Sea Of Thieves PC, launch the game first and select the size of the crew you want to play with. You can choose a Galleon for up to four players while a Sloop for up to two. After this, a prompt will itself display on your screen and you can select friends from there to invite. Once invited, just hit the Set sail button and enjoy the game. 

Action and adventure are the two genres in gaming that one can never get tired of, and if a game inculcates both of them at once, nothing can be better than this. Here we are talking about the game Sea Of Thieves which is a role-playing game where you take up the character of a pirate and go on voyages from one trading company to another. 

Are you ready to go through this guide where you will know in detail how you can add your friends to play this crossplay game Sea Of Thieves? Let us move ahead then. 

How To Invite Friends On Sea Of Thieves PC

If you are playing Sea Of Thieves on your PC and want to invite your friends on the same, then first launch your game and select the size of your crew in the game. 

Next to that, you have to choose a Sloop for a maximum of two players or you can also choose a Galleon for a maximum of four players. 

Then a prompt will appear on your screen where you can invite either one, two, or three friends of yours. Once you invite the friends you want to play with, click on the Set Sail button and the game will start. 

If there are any empty slots, they will be filled up automatically by the game’s matchmaking procedure. 

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How To Invite Friends On Sea of Thieves PC While Playing Already?

If you are already into the gameplay of Sea Of Thieves and want to add friends at that time, there is only one thing you can do look for some recent players you had played with some time ago. 

So, go to the emote menu and emote the Make Friends option at someone. This will show a pop-up on your screen asking you to add them as your friend. 

If you want to look for someone you have already played with before, you will have to use the Xbox app on your PC. So, just select the “Find People” option from the pane on the right side. Click on the Down arrow and select the Recent Players option. 

Now you will see a list of all the players you have recently played within the game and you can add them to your friends list to play with them. 

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How To Invite Friends On Sea Of Thieves On Windows 10 Xbox App? 

If you are using Xbox on your Windows 10, then here are a few steps that you can follow so that you can invite your friends to the game and team up to play Sea Of Thieves with them. 

1. On your Windows 10 PC, launch the Xbox application and log in to your account. 

2. On the home screen look for the Friends option. 

3. In the search bar, type the username of your friends whom you wish to invite. 

4. Then click on the Add Friend option to add them to the game.

5. You can also select the “Share my real name” option so that your friends can easily identify you and approve your invite.

Wrap Up

From now on, no more playing Sea Of Thieves with unknown people over the internet. Just tell your friends to be ready to receive an invitation from your side and start playing this game. The process of inviting friends on Sea Of Thieves on an Xbox One is also exactly the same as the one we described to you in the case of a PC.

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