Is Anvil Crossplay? Does Anvil Support Cross Gen And Cross-Platform?

Anvil is a top-down multiplayer shooter that lets you play as heroes and discover distant spaces that contain creatures. Find rare artifacts to help you survive and battle.

Anvil Crossplay 2022

Crossplay and cross platform Play are new features that allow you to connect with other players on different platforms. 

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Cross Platform Play allows players of all platforms, including mobile, P.C., Nintendo and PlayStation, to play together. Anvil does not support crossplay, but Anvil will support it in 2022.

Does Anvil support Cross Gen Play?

Cross Gen Play allows you to play with other players from the same & next-generation systems. Anvil does not support Cross Gen Play at this time.

Is Anvil Cross Gen?

Cross Gen Save allows you to save your progress and resume it on another generation. Cross Gen Save is not available from Anvil.

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How to Play Online Cooperative in Anvil

  1. Click the Player Info/Invite friends button (View/Select for an Xbox controller).
  2. Invite a friend.
  3. You won’t see your friends moving when they join your party. Their names should be listed at the top-left corner.
  4. The host player must head to the top and select Operate to launch a planet selection interface.
  5. The host player chooses a planet.
  6. Instead of selecting Start Now, the host must select Look for Party Members.
  7. Each party member should be an indicator at the top of every screen.
  8. After the countdown clock expires, everyone will be warped into a shared hub area.
  9. Each party member should be in the middle and ready to go. Finally, you can play together.

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