Is Call of Duty Cold War Cross Platform? Current Cross-Play Status

The last couple of years has seen many new features being introduced in the Call of Duty franchise, including cross-platform play as one of them. So here’s the information you should be aware of Black Ops Cold War cross platform play.

In 2020, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War became one of the newest installments in the fan-favorite franchise after Modern Warfare and Warzone and preceding Vanguard.

When Black Ops Cold War brought its distinctive flavor for the show, the film also incorporated well-known features previously used within Modern Warfare and Warzone.

With that in mind, this is what you should be aware of Black Ops Cold War and cross-platform gameplay.

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Does Black Ops Cold War cross platform?

Black Ops Cold War cross-platform play is indeed available for gamers to enjoy when playing the famous first-person shooter. That means gamers can compete against one another regardless of whether they’re playing on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC.

However, these platforms offer various choices for Cold War cross-platform.

Xbox or PC players are unable to switch off cross-platform play. They should enable it for matchmaking into lobbies and games. This isn’t the case with PlayStation and PlayStation consoles, as users playing on Sony consoles can switch cross-platform playoff completely and only play against and with the other PlayStation players.

It is vital that those who switch off their cross-platform connection may face longer wait times for matchmaking because the game has many players for lobby filing.

There’s no doubt it is true that Cold War cross-platform has been one of the most popular features and will remain one of the most popular features in this Call of Duty franchise heading into the future.

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