How To Beat Vortex BTD6?

BTD6 or Bloons Tower Defence as you know is a defense game and the defense here consists of monkey towers. These monkeys help the players to restrict the enemy balloons so that they do not reach the exit. You can earn money by popping those balloons and that can be used to upgrade the strength of the already existing defense monkeys or buy additional ones to enhance your strength and defense. 

Bloons are the primary enemies of the game and you must defend against them and defeat them. They can be popped with hits and that is the way to beat them before they reach the exit. These bloons are not that easy to defeat as some of them might pop with just a hit while the others might take more than one hit. Vortex: Deadly Master of Air is one of the very difficult to defeat bloons. The Vortex Box has five levels needed to be completed before defeating him.

To beat Vortex, you must have incredible farming strategies and use them before its arrival, upgrade the safety towers after a level, sell unnecessary defense to earn more, focus on long-ranged attacks and single-target damage, and in later levels focus more on DPS Towers. Continue to read more on how to beat Vortex BTD6.

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How To Beat Vortex BTD6? 

Vortex: Deadly Master of Air is one of the many enemy Bloons that the player must prevent to reach the exit. Popping the Bloons is a way to defeat them but that too depends on what kind of Bloons are they. Some can be easily popped with just one hit and some, which possess many layers require multiple hits before popping. Vortex might not have great health but it is fast enough and has the ability to neutralize various projectiles. 

Vortex has about five layers or tiers that the player must beat at one time and eventually defeat the Bloon. To beat Vortex, you must prepare a solid base with some great farming strategies and methods. The early towers can possess the defense of the long-ranged and single-target that like the Sniper Monkeys do not completely depend on the projectiles. Choose the towers that can help in generating more income, initially possess cheap prowess, or come as a great help in damaging the boss and its helpers

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The later towers for the final tiers of Vortex must possess a slow-down option with long-ranged attacks. Use the huge space around. Don’t build the towers in a compact position. After you finish one level or tier, upgrade the towers with the income you made to ensure safety for the upcoming hard levels. After defeating a boss, sell the defense which you feel is unnecessary for the next level and generate more income. Focus more on the long-ranged projectile-less attacks that would be a great help in initial levels and even later. 

Vortex has a very fast pace and thus focuses on single-target damage. During the final levels or tiers of Vortex, keep yourself more focused on DPS towers and characters. Prepare all this soon before Vortex becomes very difficult to handle. Keep DPS and supports ready for the final levels and also keep a good income for upgrading or buying more defense. 

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Wrap Up 

Bloon TD 6 is a unique defense game where the enemies are actually balloons and the monkeys, are heroes who defend. The enemy bloon bosses are handled and defeated by popping them and building towers to prevent them from reaching the exit. Some bloons are easy to defeat while others need a bit of hard work. Vortex needs some proper strategic attacks to be defeated and we have provided you with steps and some tips that you must use to beat Vortex: Deadly Master of Air and win the BTD6. 

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