Best Combat Shotgun Warzone Loadout | Attachments for Combat Shotgun

In battle royale, there are mostly two types of players. One is good at short-range fighting while others are snipers. If we talk about short-range fights, the first weapon that comes to mind is obviously a shotgun. That’s why, for shotgun lovers, we have made the deadliest Combat Shotgun Warzone Loadout.

Combat Shotgun is among the best shotguns available in Warzone. That’s why it is considered a close-range GOD weapon. However, if you are new to this weapon, you may take some time to figure out its qualities. But it’s guaranteed that a combat shotgun will become your favorite one once you start using this gun for close range.

While playing a match you require one more secondary weapon. For it, you can use any secondary weapon of your choice. We recommend you use MP40. But before you enter the match, take a look at the loadout for Combat Shotgun so that you’ll get better clarity of which attachments to use.

Deadliest Combat Shotgun Warzone Loadout

Before proceeding towards the loadout, you need to unlock this weapon. To do so, you just need to reach player level 14.

Attachments for Combat Shotgun in Warzone

MuzzleA5 Smoothbore
UnderbarrelSMLE Pistol Grip
StockCGC 3M Adjustable
Magazine12 Gauge 5 Round Tube

For shotguns, especially Combat Shotgun, A5 Smoothbore plays an important role as it helps in wider bullet spread. The Sawed-Off barrel will provide more power to your weapon but you may have to face accuracy issues. Apart from it, other attachments like underbarrel and stock will give an extra boost like damage range, mobility, hip-fire speed, etc. For larger ammo capacity, the 12 Gauge 5 Round Tube is recommended.


These are the best attachments for Combat Shotgun which will help you in getting more and more kills in Warzone. But it only needs some time and patience to master this gun. So, you need to play some matches and to see whether it matches your playstyle or not.

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