What Do You Get For Walking 50 Km In Pokemon Go?

You must have often heard that the players walk such long distances with their buddies in Pokemon Go. Have you wondered why it is so? It is because walking to a certain distance gives certain rewards to the Trainers. Speaking of which, let us check out what you get for walking 50 Km in Pokemon Go as well as other distances too. 

By walking 50 km in Pokemon Go, you receive five exciting and exclusive rewards including Ultra Balls, Stardust, Rare Candy, an Egg, and Silver Pinap Berries. You might also want to know the amount of each of these rewards that you obtain, right? That is why we have described it in detail in the latter part of this article. 

Pokemon Go also provides a feature of Adventure Sync which you can use by linking the game with the health app of Apple or the Google fit app for Android. What this means is that you work on yourself to remain fit by walking and in return, you will be rewarded with some interesting items in Pokemon Go. This is definitely a great deal and you won’t want to miss it. 

But, we know that it is not that easy to keep aside your lethargic personality and walk for long distances like 50 km in a week, that’s why we are here to tell you in detail about how much worth this deal is for you. 

What Are Walking Rewards In Pokemon Go?

There are several weekly events as well as weekly awards that you might see in the game Pokemon Go. One such thing is the weekly walking rewards that can be obtained by walking to a certain distance in the game throughout the week. 

There are three different kinds of walking rewards that the players can claim, raining from walking the distance of 5 km to 50 km and the rewards obtained are also quite significant. 

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What Do You Get For Walking 50 Km In Pokemon Go?

The 50 km walking distance is the greatest distance for which you can receive the most rewards in the game. 

While walking just 5 km in Pokemon gives you only 20 Pokeball, waking a distance of 25 km can get you 10 Great balls, 500 Stardust, 1 Rare Candy of a 5 Km Egg. 

If you cover the distance of 50 km in Pokemon Go before claiming the weekly walking rewards, you will be provided with the following items in the game:

1. 5 Ultra Balls – which are a kind of Pokeball as a result of which you can increase your chances of catching a Pokemon during the encounter. In comparison to a Great Ball, your probability of capturing the Pokemon increases to a great level. 

2. 1000 Stardust which will be quite useful whenever you want to evolve and power up any good Pokemon of yours, and thus, you can increase your total CP as well. Stardust is a necessity for those who want to compete in higher-level gyms as well as raid battles. 

3. Rare Candy – which is a special candy that the players can feed to any species of Pokemon. If you have rare candy, you will not need to collect specific candy with respect to a particular Pokemon. 

4. 5 Silver Pinap Berries – these are also one of the rare types of berries found in Pokemon Go, giving you an edge over the other players in Pokemon Go by increasing your ease of catching any wild Pokemon once fed, and the number of Candies that you get as a reward of catching the Pokemon also gets doubled. 

5. 5 Km Egg or a 10 Km Egg – there are some specific Pokemon that can be obtained from these eggs. If you receive a 5 Km egg, it might hatch to give you any one of these Pokemon: Skarmory, Togepi, Bronzor, Litten, Wyanaut, Popplio, or Rowlet. However, if you get a 10 Km Egg, the Pokemon that can be hatched from it are Riolu, Axew, Goomy, Jangmo-O, Emolga, Rufflet, or Noibat. 

After 50 km, the only limit that remains is the 100 km distance, for which you receive only one item, but of a drastic amount, and it is 16,000 Stardust which is a handsome amount, so you can give it a try if you have the caliber. 

Wrap Up

After realizing the rewards being given on walking just 50 km in a week, we think that even if you are the laziest person on Earth, but an ardent Pokemon Go player, you will not miss this chance and start walking right from when you are done reading this article. So, good luck with your fitness journey on Pokemon Go.

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