Is Dayz Cross-Platform? | What Platforms Support DayZ?

A Czech video game developer, Bohemia interactive, developed and published an open-world sandbox game in 2018. It’s Dayz. Because of its extraordinary graphics and eye-catching visuals, people are eager to know whether Dayz is cross-platform or not. 

Whenever a new game is developed, there are many people behind it including developers, directors, designers, producers, writers, artists, etc. They are the main reason why video games are made so interesting. The same is the case with Dayz. It is still popular nowadays. Playing Dayz is a lot of fun whether you play it alone or with a team. It is among those games that give a truly unique gaming experience.

A few years ago, during an interview by Eurogamer, the game developer company said that they will make Dayz multiplatform. But as of now, Dayz is not a cross-platform in 2022. Many players demand it to make it cross-platform. Apart from that, gamers have many questions in mind regarding Dayz. To know more about it, you need to go through the complete article.

Is Dayz Cross-Platform in 2022?

What is Cross-Platform?

Before we move further, we must know what Cross-Platform is? In layman’s terms, when software or app is made for several operating systems, it is called cross-platform. It allows gamers to interact and enjoy games between different devices like Playstation, Windows, Android, etc.

Is DayZ Cross-Platform for PS4 and PC?

The straightforward answer is “NO“. Dayz doesn’t provide support for cross-platform PS4 PC. The same is the case with other operating systems. If you are playing Dayz in windows and want to play with your friends, then your friends also need to play in Windows.

Is Dayz Cross-Play Xbox and PS4?

“NO”. Dayz doesn’t support Cross-Play for Xbox and PS4. As said, you and your friends need to play on one device.

Why Isn’t DayZ Cross-Platform?

There could be numerous reasons behind it. The creators of the game may want to make Dayz smooth so that they can provide a true gaming experience to their community.

When Will Dayz be Cross-Platform?

Many players are demanding to make Dayz Cross-Platform. But now it depends upon the developers when they bring cross platform. However, if I speak frankly, I don’t think about the Dayz cross platform in 2022 or in the future. 

You can see a tweet below where a person has asked the same question and what “Dayz” has replied.

What Platforms Support DayZ?

This is the list of platforms where you can enjoy playing Dayz.

  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • Windows PC
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S


Although the game is backed by cross-generation play, it doesn’t support cross-play. We can’t say it is cross platform. As of now, we can say that Dayz is a multi-stage game. It was first released for Windows in 2018 and later on other platforms. Now it can be played on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S.

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