Where Can You Find Ditto In Pokemon Go 2022? – Check Out Ditto’s Disguised Form

For beginners in Pokemon Go, it is better to first go for obtaining the Normal Type Pokemon and rapidly increase their expertise in raids to further move on hard-to-get Pokemon Types. That’s why today we are here with a guide on ‘Where can you find Ditto in Pokemon Go’, because it is good to start lowkey. 

To find Ditto in Pokemon Go, you need to go through all the Ditto disguises available in the game and catch them, if you are good on your luck, you will soon find one that will transform into Ditto. For this, you need to be aware of all the possible disguises of Ditto in the game, all of which are discussed right here.

Ditto is a kind of Pokemon that appears in disguises in Pokemon Go, which makes this Normal Type Pokemon a little hard to get. Most players don’t even know that they don’t have to actually look for Ditto itself but the forms it takes to hide. 

If you want to find Ditto among all the possibly disguised Pokemon in the game, we are happy to help you out, so keep reading. 

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Where Can You Find Ditto In Pokemon Go?

If you are looking for Ditto in the wild in its real form then you are probably wasting your time because Ditto is a Pokemon that appears in disguises. 

Here is a list of some major disguised Pokemon in which you will find Ditto in Pokemon Go:

1. Ekans

2. Natu

3. Gastly

4. Lillipup

5. Finneon

6. Dwebble

7. Surskit

8. Swirlix

Apart from these recent ones, there are also other Pokemon in which Ditto has been found disguised in the past, so it is better to have an account of those Pokemon as well, here goes the list: 

1. Pidgey

2. Weedle

3. Paras

4. Zubat

5. Venonat

6. Drowzee

7. Rattata

8. Mankey

9. Taillow

10. Gulpin

11. Skitty

12. Stunky

13. Purrloin

13. Bidoof

15. Seedot

16. Zigzagoon

17. Foongus

18. Purrloin

19. Yanma

20. Teddiursa

21. Numel

22. Remoraid

23. Hoothoot

24. Sentret

25. Ledyba 

Moreover, if you want to increase your chances to get a Ditto, you can make use of Lures as well as Incense pots to attract it because both these items have proven to be useful for luring Ditto towards the trainer. 

Also, there is one important thing for you to note, which might help you. If any of your fellow players find a Ditto in a location around you, you can also visit that spot and you too will get the Ditto. So, if you really want a Ditto, you can inform your Pokemon Go friends so that they tell you whenever they encounter one. 

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How To Catch A Ditto In Pokemon Go?

While you get these Pokemon that are sumptuously disguised in Ditto, you won’t be sure whether any of them is a Ditto or not. So, you will have to catch the Pokemon in the hope of unleashing a Ditto behind it.

As you catch the Pokemon, the catch screen will appear and if that Pokemon was really disguised, you will see Ditto getting reverted back into its original form. 

This means that you cannot find out if the Pokemon is disguised or not unless you successfully catch it. It is only after you have caught that Pokemon that you will be able to know if it was Ditto or not. However, there seems no loss in this, because no matter whether the Pokemon was disguised or original, you will have got another Pokemon on your list, right? 

Wrap Up

That’s all for now about where to find Ditto in Pokemon Go and how to catch it. However, it is not at all guaranteed that all of those disguised Pokemon will reveal a Ditto behind them. So, you just need to keep giving it a shot and catch as many of them as you can, thus, you will soon get one for yourself. If there is any other Pokemon that has caught your sight and now you badly want to catch it but do not know how to, you can tell us in the comments.

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