Is Death Lap Crossplay?

Death Lap is the most recent VR game released by Anshar Wars developer Ozwe Games and it attempts to recreate the feel that is Twisted Metal in a traditional lap-based racing game.

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Death Lap Crossplay

OZWE Games’ release, Death Lap, is on the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift platforms with crossplay. The game was previously listed as “Coming Soon” at the Oculus Store, but without a specific release date. But, Death Lap isn’t purely designed for Oculus Quest because it supports Oculus Rift S and cross-platform gaming between the two headsets.

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Is Death Lap online?

If you like the juxtaposition of an apocalyptic post-apocalyptic setting and moderately complicated vehicle/combat simulation and a combat simulator, then give Death Lap the chance to download. It’s enjoyable with short bursts of action, and highly competitive in online multiplayer, and might give you an edge in the forthcoming real-life vehicular Guzzolene Wars.

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