How To Get More Runes Elden Ring? 8 Best Farming Locations For Runes

Runes hold great value in Elden Ring and are very useful for the players throughout the course of the game. Runes act as in-game currency for merchants in Elden Ring and as EXP for the player. The players need runes to buy items and also to upgrade their player character. Crafting the weapons is an option but you can also buy those weapons through runes.

You can easily get runes as enemies drop the runes when you defeat them. Even the various items you acquire throughout the gameplay while exploring the game’s open world provide you with runes. However, as easy as they sound to come, losing them is also very quick. If the player dies twice continuously, they will lose all the runes. Thus, you should be aware of the ways to get more runes.

You can farm runes in the Mohgwyn Palace farming route as it is an easy way to get runes. Boss Remembrances is also a good way to get more runes. Merchants provide you with runes when you sell items or weapons and you can also invade other players and steal their runes. Read more about these runes in detail.

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How To Get More Runes Elden Ring?

You might have found getting memory stones in Elden Ring, but earning runes in Elden Ring is easier as you will receive runes with almost anything you do. From defeating enemies to acquiring items, you will be rewarded with runes at every step. Enemy bosses being the primary source of runes provide both runes and various items and sometimes even Memory Stone after defeat. And if the enemy possesses glowing eyes, you will surely be rewarded with five times the usual amount of runes.

Certain enemy bosses drop Remembrances which also act as a source of gathering runes. Another method to collect runes is invading other players and then stealing their runes. However, this method is tricky as you need to survive the invasion. Dying would cause the disappearance of all the runes. The players can also get more runes through Farming runes and the game has some best locations for runes farming. The player can get around 40,000 runes through these farming locations.

Best Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations and Spots

  1. Mohgwyn Palace

The Mohgwyn Palace or the Endgame area can get the player around 32000 runes and it won’t even take a minute. The players can get there while completing the White-Faced Varre’s questline. Another way to reach there is by unlocking the area of Consecrated Snowfield. There, you will find a way to directly teleport to Mohgwyn Palace.

  1. Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree

A not so easy method but you will be rewarded with almost 32,000 runes every minute in that place. If you have your best defense, you will easily beat up all the enemy bosses there. The player must follow the quest line of Latenna the Albinauric to reach there. Start from the Prayer Room and you will get all the runes while defeating the bosses.

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  1. Stormhill Rune Farming

This farming site will get you runes during the early gameplay. After accessing the Horse Torrent, you will find Stormhill to the west of Limgrove. Defeating each troll will get you about 1,000 runes, pretty good to get at the beginning.

  1. Caelid Rune Farming

The player can reach there by going through the Dragon-Burnt ruins. The Third Church of Marika can also lead you there. Each troll will provide you with 1000 runes so try to kill as much as you can.

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  1. Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow

The player can get there by either following D’s NPC questline and getting teleported or using a Torrent for the purpose. Fighting the enemies near the Bestial Sanctum will get you a great number of runes with 1,000 each and there are loads of enemies there.

Wrap Up

Runes are similar to the game currency in Elden Ring and thus should be used wisely. The above information is regarding the runes and what you can do to get more of them. Go through the locations to farm more runes and use them for any purpose you desire.

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