Is Descenders Crossplay?

Descenders is a video cycling game created by Dutch studio RageSquid and released through No More Robots. It was made available on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on May 7, 2019, PlayStation 4 on August 25 2020, later for Nintendo Switch on November 6 2020, and Xbox Series X and Series S on June 8, 2021.

Descenders Crossplay 2022

There is a limited cross-play feature with other players in Descenders. Interaction with other players isn’t allowed in multiplayer. 

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There is also a limitation on cross-platform multiplayer. Steam players Steam can play cross-platform with players using their Microsoft Store version and players on Xbox Series X/S. Xbox Series X/S, but the player base of every console is restricted to players playing on this console.

Is Descenders cross platform 2022?

There is a limited cross-platform multiplayer which is described as follows: Users on Steam can play cross-platform alongside players using Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store version and players using Microsoft’s Xbox series X/S version only. Cross-platform multiplayer can only be played if each version running on different consoles is running on the same version.

Is Descenders available on Xbox for free?

Descenders and Going Under are currently free to play. Descenders and the Going Under video games are available for free play to players of all Xbox One and Xbox Series X (and S) console owners who have the active Xbox Live Gold subscription as part of this week’s Free Play Days campaign.

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Can Descenders be played offline?

The game requires that you be connected to the Steam client. Progress and unlocked items are kept within the Steam cloud. You can’t play the game without internet access or have access to your items. New unlocks aren’t likely to save (or in specific scenarios might even override what you’ve previously unlocked).

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