Is destiny 2 crossplay?

Crossplay is now live in Bungie’s wildly popular Destiny franchise, as players from all platforms now can connect. Find out everything you need to learn concerning crossplay within Destiny 2.

Being one of the most big live-service games available, Destiny has captured the attention of millions of players across the world. But, ever since the franchise began the year 2014, gamers have been dispersed by their choice of hardware up until now.

If you’re playing PC, Xbox, PlayStation or Stadia You can now play together and go through the latest content in Destiny 2 and crossplay.

Destiny 2 cross-play platforms

Players on all platforms played on with Destiny 2 can join in and play together.

This means that Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Stadia users are free to mix. There are no restrictions regarding who can or cannot join the Fireteam.

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How do crossplay works within Destiny 2?

Similar to how you typically invite your friends to join the platform you are currently using crossplay lets you invite friends from all over.

Mixed Fireteams can access the entire game, including destinations and future content. One area that could cause some apprehension is PVP. However, Bungie stated that PC and console players aren’t joining within the Crucible by default.

However, PC players need to “specifically invite their console buddies to play alongside PC players in PC Crucible pools.”

How does Destiny 2 Crossplay work?

  1. Check your account to find out the “Bungie” Name you’ve been assigned.
  2. It will be the name of your platform, plus the hashtag, and 4 digits.
  3. You’ll need to include any new friends that you wish to crossplay with
  4. There are three ways to accomplish this:
  • Make use of the Friends feature to link various platforms and to send Bungie request for friends
  • Click on the Invite screen’ within the game and look up your friend using their Bungie Name.
  • Click the ” Roster ” tab in the menu if you’re on the same platform as your crossplay partner. Now, send them a Bungie Friend request.

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Once you’ve joined your friend(s), invite them to join your game, then take a trip to enjoy Destiny. Bungie has announced that they’ll be adding additional features to the Destiny 2 crossplay later on and continue to develop the game, refine it, and then perfect it.

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