Everything About the Doom Eternal Cross-Play

Is Doom Eternal Crossplay in 2022

DOOM Eternal, a sequel to Doom 2016, is becoming a trendy topic these days. With the emergence of crossplay, gamers want to know, “Is DOOM Eternal Cross-play?” And the answer to this question lies in this article. So, you have to stay with me till the end to know more about the DOOM Eternal and its cross-platform.

Correct me if I am wrong, but cross-platform is the future of multiplayer gaming. Community plays the most important part in every game. And here, cross-platform becomes effective. It helps in bringing the gaming community together and makes sure that everyone is suitable to play games anywhere on any device.

Talking about the DOOM Eternal cross-play. As of now, this battle mode has no cross-play. This means you’ll only be able to interact with players who play on the same device or platform. But it doesn’t end here, we have gathered more information related to its cross-platform so that you should know exactly whether DOOM Eternal will have cross-play in the future or not?

Is DOOM Eternal Cross-play in 2022?

Does Doom Eternal Have Cross-play?

The same question has been asked by a DOOM Eternal player on Reddit. There, he asks if he has a PC and his buddy has a PS4. Will he be able to crossplay? 

See this answer by a Reddit user. He replied that crossplay only exists between steam and Bethesda players.

doom eternal crossplay reddit

Can You Play Doom Cross-Platform?

As said, you can’t play DOOM Eternal cross-platform. It doesn’t support the cross-play feature. However, you and your friends need to play on the same platform for crossplay.

Is Doom Eternal Battlemode Cross-Platform?

The answer is “NO“. DOOM Eternal Battlemode also doesn’t feature cross-platform play.

Doom Eternal Cross-Platform PC and XBOX? Can Xbox and PC Play Doom Eternal together?

The only crossplay is available between Bethesda launcher. Unfortunately, no other platforms support cross-play for DOOM Eternal. Being a PC player, I only need to team up with another PC buddy to play the game.

Is Doom Eternal Cross Platform PS4 and XBOX?

Again, I have to say “NO“. It doesn’t support cross-play between PS4 and XBOX.

Will Doom Eternal Have Cross-play in 2022?

We can’t assure that DOOM Eternal will support crossplay in the future. However, according to the sources, we can say that it might not have the option to crossplay. Still, you can enjoy playing DOOM Eternal on XBOX One, Switch, Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, XBOX series X, and Series S.

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