Is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Multiplayer?

Fighting games are exclusively intended for multiplayer play because playing with a computerized program is quite boring. As a result of this, players are now perplexed as to whether is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot multiplayer or not. Let’s provide the response to this.

No, this game does not support multiplayer mode right now. Despite being an action and fighting game, why this game does not offer an online multiplayer mode? In order to respond to this query, we are here with this article.

Many people who wished to play this game with their friends, their hearts must have been broken after hearing this. Wait!! No need to go anywhere. Read this article till the end, maybe some good news is waiting for you.

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Is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Multiplayer?

We know what many people are eager to know is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Multiplayer feature availability. But, sadly, there is no multiplayer or co-op functionality in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. It is solely a single-player game. It indicates that you cannot play this game with a group everybody is of friends. This game is playable all by yourself. There are currently no plans to later add these modes to the game. But might be added in the future update. 

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Will Multiplayer Mode Ever Be Added In The Future For This Game?

As we all know that multiplayer mode is not available for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot yet. However, this is not to say that this feature can never be added to this game later. Well!! According to the sources, the chances of this feature being added to this game are pretty high. Recently, Bandai Namco made an announcement about adding the multiplayer component for this game. What’s that announcement? Let’s find out.

Is This Game Confirmed To Be Made Multiplayer?

In short “Yes”. Bandai Namco is all ready to add an online multiplayer feature for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot soon. They confirmed this news through V-Jump Magazines. In the recent issue of these magazines, Bandai Namco confirmed that along with the card game they are also adding an online multiplayer mode in its next update soon. 

Apart from multiplayer mode, this game is receiving more new features. All of these are explained in the V-jump Magazines. So, do not forget to check V-Jump Magazines to know about the new updates.


There isn’t a multiplayer option available in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot currently. This option is now required for this game. So, everyone was waiting for this game to be multiplayer. Thanks to its team, your wait is now coming to an end. Because this feature will soon be launched in the new update of this game along with other new features. Simply waiting for its new update is all that is required now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 multiplayer playable?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for the Nintendo Switch adds a brand new feature of multiplayer where you can play the game with your teammates. 

What is the length of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?

The length of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is about 30 hours. You have a 54-hour time limit to finish the game.

Which game is better? Kakarot or Xenoverse 2?

Players like to play Xenoverse 2 more than the Kakarot. So, because of its fun environment and enjoyable playing gameplay, Xenoverse 2 is a better Dragon bell Z game than Kakarot.

Does Dragon Ball Z have a season count?

There is a total of 7 seasons in the Dragon Ball Z series.

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