Is DreamHack Crossplay?

DreamHack Crossplay

There is a lot of misunderstanding about DreamHack among the general public. DreamHack is thought to be an internet game by some people. 

Do you consider DreamHack to be an online game? What are your thoughts about Dream Hack? What DreamHack is? Is it cross-platform? 

Many people still have a hazy concept of what a Dream Hack is. This article will provide you with a comprehensive review of Dream Hack, as well as information on whether it is cross-platform or not. 

If you are looking for an answer to any of the above issues, you should devote some time to reading this article. It is certain that if you read this article to the conclusion, you will know everything about DreamHack and its Cross-Play.

Let’s start this article with “What DreamHack is”?

Dream Hack: Firstly, let me clear that Dream Hack is not a game. DreamHack is a Swedish Company that produces esports tournaments and other gaming events.

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The world’s largest LAN party and computer festival, with the world’s fastest internet connection and the most produced traffic, is acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records and Twin Galaxies.

This company was founded in 1994, and its headquarters are at Hagersten, Stockholm, Sweden. 

Major DreamHack Events

  • DreamHack Summer
  • DreamHack Winter
  • DreamHack Open

Is DreamHack 2022 cross-platform?

Yes, this tournament is now open to all platforms, thanks to Dream Hack. This means you can play with your colleague on any console that supports cross-play, including a mobile (ios is not included)

The online tournaments are divided by region and platform, thus mobile players face off against other mobile players, console players face off against console players, PC players face off against PC players, and so on.

Dream Hack Games List

At DreamHack beyond, we have over 120+ indie games for you to try out, so be sure to do so.

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Some of the games are:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,  Dota 2,  League of legends 
  • StarCraft II,  Fortnite,  Classic Tetris World Championship
  •  Twin Galaxies,  Counter-Strike,  Rocket-League
  • Hearthstone,  Overwatch,  100 Thieves
  • Heroes of the Storm,  Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege,  Team 3D 
  • Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos,  Street Fighter,  Apex Legends
  • DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015,  Dota,  Marvel vs. Capcom
  • Arena of Valor,  Counter-Strike Condition Zero  


The firm has announced 9 other events in various regions of the world, including 

  • Two in the United States
  • Two each in Sweden and Spain
  • Two each in Australia and Netherland

DreamHack is all about BYOC (Bring your own computer or console). Tournaments, cosplay, and tabletop games are among the activities available.

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