Is Embr Crossplay? How to Play Embr Crossplay With Friends in 2022?

Embr is a funny multiplayer game about a group of firefighters who have to navigate dangerous situations. It doesn’t take itself seriously, whether it’s putting out fires, narrowly avoiding lasers, or delivering packages on its 25 levels. Its lighthearted nature makes it a great candidate for co-op gameplay.

Crossplay is possible on almost every platform with Embr. PlayStation, Xbox and PC users, as well as Google Stadia users, can all play together in one session. 

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This supports up to four people. The Nintendo Switch is the only exception. Multiplayer on Nintendo’s hybrid system remains locked to its ecosystem for some unknown reason.

It could be due to Nintendo’s online infrastructure, or because crossplay may be more complicated than on other platforms. No matter the reason, Embr is the best online experience.

How to play crossplay with your friends in Embr

Embr was designed to be shared with friends. Crossplay is a feature that allows for co-op on all platforms except Nintendo Switch.

Before you can go online, you will need to finish the tutorial level when you start a new file. After that, it’s easy to join matches on other platforms.

A single player can create a team from the multiplayer menu. There are public, unlisted and private options. You can also decide the maximum player count. It is limited to four players. Unlisted sessions are initiated by clicking on the code in the upper right corner of the screen.

Other players can use this code via the “join team” tab in the multiplayer menu. Other players can join the session once you have entered the code correctly. Crossplay options and game-specific friends lists are not required. 

Disconnected players do not need to enter a session’s codes again. This is an excellent quality of life feature. It is visible on the crew screen and disappears when the host closes the session or the player starts the game again.

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Private crew is basically the same thing as unlisted sessions, except that the host creates the password which all players must enter.

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