Is Ferrothorn Good Pokemon Go?

Are you preparing yourself for obtaining a Ferrothorn Pokemon but are not sure if it is worth it? That’s obvious, you can’t just waste your time on a Pokemon that is going to be of no use to you. So, do you also want to know whether is Ferrothorn good Pokemon or not for you in the game Pokemon Go? If yes, you will get all the details today. 

Every Pokemon has its strength and weakness in Pokemon Go. While some are stronger in more aspects and weak at a few points, the other are completely opposite which mostly don’t help us throughout the battles. This is why, knowing all the stats, strengths, weaknesses, and Movesets of a Pokemon is necessary before you devote a lot of your time to catching it. 

A Ferrothorn is a Good Pokemon in Pokemon Go if you are using it for the defense purpose in your team, however, in case of offense, it will not be that effective in inflicting high damage to the opponent, so choose the Pokemon accordingly only when you need a great defense option for yourself. 

If you want to understand further in detail what is good and what is bad in a Ferrothorn in Pokemon Go then you must keep reading for the entire info regarding the same. 

Is Ferrothorn Good Pokemon Go?

This question can be answered and understood properly only after you have all the necessary information about a Ferrothorn in Pokemon Go, right? So, let us know it all in detail so that you can even decide yourself whether you want this Pokemon on your team or not. 

Well, to begin with, a Ferrothorn is a Dual Type Pokemon falling under two types: Grass and Steel, which is quite an impressive combination. 

Here are the Stats of a Ferrothorn in Pokemon Go:

1. STA – 179

2. ATK – 158

3. DEF – 223

This Pokemon is resistant to most of the Types of attacks that can be laid on a Ferrothorn, here is a list:

1. Dragon Type – 62.5% Damage

2. Electric Type – 62.5% Damage

3. Fairy Type – 62.5% Damage

4. Normal Type – 62.5% Damage

5. Poison Type – 62.5% Damage

6. Psychic Type – 62.5% Damage

7. Rock Type – 62.5% Damage

8. Water Type – 62.5% Damage

9. Steel Type – 62.5% Damage

10. Grass Type – 39.1% Damage

On the other hand, if we talk about the vulnerability of a Ferrothorn, there are only two types of Pokemon attack that can inflict a good amount of damage on this Pokemon, these are:

1. Fire Type – 256% Damage

2. Fight Type – 160% Damage

Let us now also check out the  Movesets of this Pokemon to see if they are of any use or not. 

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Offensive Movesets Of Ferrothorn

1. Bullet Seed paired with Power Whip –  this is the best Grass Type Moveset that a Ferrothorn can have in Pokemon Go

2. When the moves Metal Claw and Flash Cannon come together, it becomes the best Steel Type Moveset of a Ferrothorn. 

3. Acid Spray is an offensive attack of a Ferrothorn that is of no use and the same goes for the Thunder attack. 

Defensive Movesets Of Ferrothorn

1. Bullet Seed and Metal Claw work as quite strong and effective defensive moves of a Ferrothorn in Pokemon Go. 

2. Power Whip becomes the best defensive Moveset of a Ferrothorn if used with STAB along with 2-bars. 

3. Thunder is also a great defensive move that cannot be dodged by the opponent easily, however, it is not much effective with 1-bar. 

4. Using a Flash Cannon will not be much preferred and the same goes for Acid Spray which is a very weak move. 

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PvP Rating For Ferrothorn in Different Leagues In Pokemon Go

1. Master League – 0/5

2. Ultra League – 2.5/5

3. Great League – 3.5/5

This describes that a Ferrothorn will be the most effective when used in the Great League while will be only half as good in an Ultra League. As for the Master League, a Ferrothorn has not been made for such events. 

Is Ferrothorn Worth It In Pokemon Go?

While the attacking strength of a Ferrothorn is not that good in Pokemon Go, it won’t be much helpful during the raids because its best Movesets are also not enough for a raid. However, due to having unique Typing and good defense Movesets, it can be used as a great defensive option in the game. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you have completely understood if you need a Ferrothorn in Pokemon Go or not based upon the advantage it will provide you and the areas where it is not of much use. So, decide wisely if you have to spend your time catching this Pokemon in the game or not.

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