Is Fifa 23 Crossplay | Latest Fifa 23 Crossplay Update 2022

Fifa 23 Crossplay Answered: PlayStation, Xbox and PC users will finally have the ability to play together and a variety of new options. It means, Fifa 23 is crossplay.

It’s now time to look forward to FIFA 23, with Team of the Season marking FIFA 22’s end. This new game will mark the end of the series as we know. FIFA and EA Sports will separate after release.

FIFA 23 is expected to release September 30, 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X/S for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Latest Fifa 23 Crossplay Update 2022

EA is set to release a new feature, cross-play, that has been so popular in FIFA 23. A trial of the new feature in FIFA 22 is expected to occur “nearly future”.

According to reports, FIFA 23 will include cross-play for first time in series history. PlayStation, Xbox and PC users will finally have the ability to play together and a variety of new options.

A reliable leaker via social media has revealed that will be available on all platforms for the first time and will be completely free to play.

Is FIFA 23 the last FIFA?

Both Electronic Arts and FIFA have already announced that their lucrative partnership will end with FIFA 23. EA Sports FC will be the successor of EA Sports’ FIFA series. The game publisher also confirmed this.

Will Nintendo switch get FIFA 23?

Nintendo Switch users will again receive a Legacy Edition FIFA 23. This is a significantly reduced version of the game you can play on other platforms.

FIFA 22 Cross-PLAY

FIFA 22 isn’t able to offer the full cross-play. It is only possible to play with friends that share similar platforms as. Also, PS5 players can only play with other PS5 players. The same applies to Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PC, and Stadia players.

Cross-gen cross-play is available to players who have last-generation consoles like PS4 or Xbox One. This lets PS4 users to participate in PS5 players as well as Xbox One players to play with Xbox Series X|S players. However, these players need to play on the PS4 as well as the Xbox One version of the game on their new console. If you’re on the latest version, you can only play other players of the same family of consoles.

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The players have been asking for cross-play for several years and there’s no indication from EA on whether or not this feature is coming in the near future. This means that you’ll be playing with other players who have the same platform.

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