Is Golf With Friends Split Screen?

Golf with Your Friends is as simple as its name suggests it offers courses with multiplayer which can be enjoyed by as many as 12 players. A reliable and stable connection to multiplayer and possibly a little jeering on one of your Discord servers later on, it’s a lot of fun for people who want to stay connected with your friends in these difficult times.

But what happens if you want to know what your buddy is doing, and lining up their shots and cheering them on? Split-Screen is the perfect solution for this , but do you have a game with one?

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Golf with Your Friends Split Screen

According to the Steam page, the simple answer is yes, Golf with Your Friends does come with a split-screen option. This is great for those who have an acquaintance over to compete to play the different, wild courses that the game has to offer.

Developers have performed a great job at heeding players’ requests since they initially thought of having the local multiplayer function as an example of “hot seat” game. This meant that players could only be able to play with one controller, and rotate when it’s their turn to strike with the ball.

Of course, it resulted in some discontent from the majority of the player base , which is the reason why the Split-Screen cooperative was created a few years later.

Although online multiplayer is the most popular option for those who want to participate in this game, there’s also a certain attraction to the ability to play with an actual person.

If you’re planning to play this game for a great evening out, go for it! It’s well worth it for the shot (no no pun meant).

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How do you play golf with friends and friends?

Simply host your lobby, give it a name of your preference and include a password , then inform your friends what it’s about. To facilitate finding your lobby they can click on your lobby near the end of the list of lobby locations and it will display all the games waiting within the lobby.

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