Hunt Showdown Crossplay in 2022 | Can you play cross-platform Hunt: Showdown?

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown has been around since February 2018 and has made great strides since then. It can be played on PlayStation 3, Xbox, and PC. There is only one doubt that stops many users from getting this game and the question is – Is Hunt Showdown crossplay or not? This is the query we have made this article answer.

Wild West meets eschatological zombies and creates a unique atmosphere where the player must not only beat other gamers in a shootout but also have to defeat a variety of NPCs from weak zombies to difficult bosses and get out alive. Yes, that’s what you do in Hunt Showdown.

To your delight, we have come with the news that Hunt Showdown is crossplay, however, at the same time, there is an issue with this feature. It is that the crossplay mode is not available in all cases.

You are now definitely wondering which platforms will support crossplay in Hunt Showdown and which will not. Don’t stress out, just read this article completely and you will have all the information you need by the end of this.

Is Hunt Showdown Crossplay in 2022?

The game Hunt Showdown is virtually entirely online except for a few single-player trials that are designed to sharpen your skills before you track down one of Hunt’s bosses. Crossplay is becoming more common in live multiplayer games.

Cross-platform play is possible in Hunt, but it is very limited and doesn’t have the same functionality as other popular games. You can’t play Hunt Showdown on your PC or against console players.

However, Crossplay is possible only when playing Hunt on consoles. A game may have multiple players on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Hunt was first and foremost a PC-based game. It was available in early access for some time before it was officially launched, but came to consoles only in 2019.

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Hunt: Showdown crossplay PC and PS4

Crytek still sees PC gamers as its main target audience, but crossplay and an increase to 60fps on current-gen consoles have been a huge boon to the console hunt community. Crossplay is an excellent feature. However, there’s one major drawback.

It is impossible to have a party in-game that includes players from different consoles. Crytek doesn’t have a proprietary Hunt account system. This means that the game must rely on the built in friends lists and invitation systems provided by Microsoft and Sony.

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Is Hunt Showdown Crossplay Xbox, PS4, and PS5?

A PlayStation player cannot join up with an Xbox user, or vice versa. Technically, the game clients work the same across generations. This means that PS4 and PS5 users can join each other, while Series X/S and Xbox One players can do the exact same.

Can you play cross-platform Hunt : Showdown?

Hunt Playdown Crossplay is currently unavailable on the console. This means that players on the PlayStation cannot invite players on Xbox.

Hunt: Showdown is it free to play?

Hunt: Showdown is free to play with Gold and Game Pass Ultimate.

Wrap Up

Now that you know where you can crossplay Hunt Showdown and where you cannot, it is going to be much easier for you to decide whether or not you want to get this game and ask your friends to get it too. Tell us in the comments if there is anything else you wish to know about the game.

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