Is Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op? How to Play With Friends

Sniper Elite 5 was launched today. It brings back Karl Fairburne, who led the fight against Nazis during World War 2. There is plenty of content to keep fans happy, including enhanced kill cams and tactical third-person shooting.

Fans have asked if there Is Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op, considering the emphasis on multiplayer mode.

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Is there a Co-Op at Sniper Elite 5 Answered

Sniper Elite 5 has a co-op for those who want to play with their friends in a more casual setting.

Sniper Elite 5 allows you to play with your friends in two modes. The first is a drop-in campaign that allows you to share the story with one partner. You and four other elite snipers will face off against mobs of enemies in Survival mode.

Is Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op | How to Play Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op

The co-op feature in Sniper Elite 5 is easy to access and can be done via the main menu. Start the game and click the “Play” button. Then, choose the option that reads “Host Cooperative Game”. You can choose co-op survival and then choose “Host” You will then receive an invitation code which you can share with your friends to allow them to join your lobby. You can modify the lobby settings however you wish.

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Sniper Elite 5 coop – Is there a split-screen coop?

Elite 5 continues the third-person stealth gameplay of previous versions and offers more options to its players. The Killcam now offers slow-motion kills, including sniper shots and melee executions. Developer Rebellion really opened up maps, giving you more places to explore, traverse, and scout while you accomplish your objectives.

This time, multiplayer is even better. Axis mode allows players to invade other’s games. They can set traps, trigger alarms, and otherwise cause havoc to the world of the host player. Sniper Elite 5 offers great opportunities for buddying up with your friends as part of the expanded multiplayer.

This Sniper Elite 5 guide will explain the game’s various co-op options. Online co-op allows you to team up with another player during the campaign. There’s also the Survival mode for four players that lets you battle waves of enemies.

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Sniper Elite cooperative options

Sniper Elite 5 offers two co-op options. The campaign can be played with only one player. You will need to create a new save if you wish to play the campaign in co-op.

Another co-op option in Elite 5 is the Survival mode. This mode is a kind of wave-defence, in which you and up three other players can work together to defend an area against invading troops. As you attempt to improve your score, you can also share ammo or other items. This mode can be accessed from the main menu. See the image below.

Is there a split-screen co-op?

Let’s finally see if Elite 5 offers a split-screen co-op. It doesn’t, which is not surprising considering how few modern games offer couch co-op. To play with other players, you will need to make friends online.

This is all you need to know regarding Sniper Elite 5’s cooperative modes. Check out our preview for more information.

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