Is Gothitelle Good Pokemon Go? Know Its Pros And Cons

If you are planning to catch the Psychic Type Pokemon  Gothitelle in Pokemon Go, it is important for you to first know if this species is really worth your time and effort or not. So, today, we are going to find out whether is Gothitelle good in Pokemon Go or not. 

Every Pokemon in the game Pokemon Go is different from the others either in terms of their types or stats. There is a wide variety of species you will find in this game and that is why it is important to focus only on the ones that will prove to be quite useful to you. 

In Pokemon Go, Gothitelle is a good Pokemon, however, not an exceptional one. The defensive stats of this species are impressive, but in case of a special attack, it doesn’t stand a chance on the offensive side. 

We guess you would like to gather a little more information about this Psychic Pokemon Gothitelle so that you can finally come to an answer for yourself if you need it in Pokemon Go, so, just keep reading and find out. 

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Is Gothitelle Good Pokemon Go?

Before coming to conclusion about whether a Pokemon is good or not, it is important for the players to first get complete information about the species so that they can decide if you need it or not, and the same goes for the case of a Gothitelle. 

The Pokemon you need right now depends upon several factors like what level you are at in the game and what Pokemon you are planning to fight against, only then you can realize if you are in need of a certain Pokemon in the game. 

Let us first check out the stats of a Gothitelle in Pokemon Go:

1. STA – 172

2. ATK – 176

3. DEF – 205

Moreover, here is a list of attacks that a Gothitelle is vulnerable against: 

1. Bug Type – 160% damage

2. Ghost Type – 160% damage

3. Dark Type – 160% damage

There are also two attack types to which a Gothitelle is quite resistant, here are these:

1. Psychic Type – takes 62.5% damage

2. Fighting Type – takes 62.5% damage

After this, the next thing that a player needs to be aware of is the Movesets of a Gothitelle to see if they will be able to stand any chance in the battle you wish to use it in. 

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Best Movesets of Gothitelle

Fast Move: Confusion And Charm

Confusion, being with STAB, has the capability to provide a much higher level of energy gains and the hit with this move is also quite effective. 

Alternatively, in the case of Charm, this is a move that doesn’t have the ability to generate much energy, however, is good for providing niche-type coverage to the players. 

Charged Move: Rock Slide, Psychic, And Future

As for the charged attacks, Rock Slide is the one that requires a very less amount of energy for providing much wider coverage during the battle. So, overall, you can say that this move is solid and quite efficient. 

Apart from this, we only have Psychic and Future Sight moves where Psychic requires about 10 less energy in comparison to the latter one however, Future Sight definitely deals with much more damage. 

Is Gothitelle Worth It In Pokemon Go?

Overall, we can say that in terms of backup, we believe that Gothitelle is going to work as a great choice for you. But, do not make this Pokemon your first choice in case of inflicting attacks as it is better on the defensive side. 

Wrap Up

Now we think that we have clarified the importance of Gothitelle for you right now. You can make your attempts to catch it only if you are in dire need of a Pokemon that can defend you during the battle, otherwise, there are a lot more options with good attack stats to use. If there is any other Pokemon you want to know about in Pokemon Go, you can tell us in the comments and we shall soon come up with another informational guide for you.

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