Is Guardians of the Galaxy Co-Ops? Easy Ways to Play   

Are you able to participate in your Guardians of the Galaxy game with your friends in a co-op in multiplayer?

Is Guardians of the Galaxy co-ops with other players? It’s not unreasonable to be curious about when the entire footage from this game will show five heroes fighting together at any given time, but this question has to be clarified. Are they actually NPCs, or do you get to let your friends play them as well and play together or as online multiplayer? This article will explain everything and also what you should be aware of regarding the issue. Is Guardians of the Galaxy co-ops?

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Is Guardians of the Galaxy Co-Ops?

As of this writing, Guardians of the Galaxy has no co-op mode or features. It’s also not playable on the internet – it’s only a single player. As it’s known, there’s no plan from Eidos nor Square Enix to change that in the near future.

To be clear, the various characters that you may have seen in promotional videos or ads are controlled by one person. Particularly, the player acts as Peter Quill/Star-Lord. However, you can choose in and outside of combat to communicate instructions to your comrades by slowing the pace of time by highlighting an opponent or object and then giving them specific instructions that they follow. You aren’t able to actually be the other Guardians or anyone else, instead of framing yourself in the role of the captain of the group consisting of (mostly) obeying NPCs.

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Do Guardians of the Galaxy get online co-op or multiplayer?

As of now, we do not know of any plans from the developers to incorporate the online, co-op or multiplayer feature or even a classic couch-based co-op. Although it’s not impossible, it’s unlikely that such a feature will be added since the game’s solely single-player nature, Guardians of the Galaxy, leaves no space for such an expansion. Perhaps it’s something that the notion of Square Enix doing Marvel-focused online cooperative games has been unpopular after the Avengers game was released last year.

However, there is no way to say that it’s impossible, and given some curiosity about the concept of a cooperative Guardians of the Galaxy game, maybe some adjustments can take place in the near future. No matter what happens, we’ll make sure to update this site whenever we hear more from the game’s developers about the subject.

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